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GDG Pune DevFest 2018: Official Press Release


Google Developers Group DevFest Pune 2018 is a tech event organized by Local Developers Community of Google.  Around 500 plus Students and Developers from different colleges actively participated.  The conference started at 10:10 am sharp. Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan acknowledged the work of community members who made this event happen and asked them to share the stage.

Mahaveer from GDG explained what GDG is all about, and he shared his views on how it is a journey rather than any community. He also wants everyone to learn and build their careers the right way.  Nikita from Women Techmakers shared about her experience and learning curve from her mentor (Lakshya) and the organizing team. She further stated that its all about connecting and developing on skills and they are growing towards a positive graph towards a community with women. Emphasizing the diversity of women in the panel, “out of eight speakers three of them are women,” explains her vision towards the gender equality.
Utkarsh from GCDC explained what Google Cloud Developers community is and encouraged everyone to join the community. Lakshya asked all the volunteers to come up on a stage and thanked them for their hard work and commitment on behalf of everyone present at the event.

KeyNote 1: Actions on Google | Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan

Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan delivered the first keynote. She is a  Program Coordinator at Women Techmakers India. Women Techmakers provides visibility to the community for women in tech. She provided an insight on how Google is a mobile-first company and now their CEO Sundar Pichai stated a vision about how they want to be AI first. Her keynote was focused on delivering results via voice. It was divided into three sections namely Design, Develop and Deploy which gave a clear idea to the developers on how they must automate and use Actions on Google.

KeyNote 2: Flutter | Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar

The second keynote speaker was Pawan Kumar, Google Developer Expert for Flutter.  He emphasized using flutter to make creative and interactive android apps.  He displayed the power of flutter and how as a developer he feels flutter is the next big thing for Android devs. Pawan shared insights and capabilities and further explained how well it could perform on a low-end device.  The conclusion was made by sharing a few freely available resources for developers to get started. The youtube channel MTechViral is owned by him in which he regularly shares tutorials on android app development using flutter.

KeyNote 3: Solve for Rural India | Sucheta Dhere

Sucheta Dhere

Sucheta Dhere, a Consultant, delivered the third Keynote. She has a vast experience on working with MEITY, DOT, TRAI, MOUD, TSDSI, TCOE, ICA. She has also worked with Multinational Telecom companies like Vodafone, Samsung, Microsoft, and Alcatel.  She started by explaining network connectivity issues in India. Describing how poor connectivity India has, “There are about only 8 states or less who comes with the last mile connectivity which means they have covered deepest corners to get the coverage“, now that’s not something to boast about but its a great concern that we don’t have connectivity and its a challenging task to get this done. Later she explained different types of  Machine Learning models to get things done smoothly.

KeyNote 4: Kubernetes | Vishal Biyani

Vishal Biyani

Vishal Biyani,  Founder & CTO Infracloud Technologies, and Google Developer Expert was the fifth keynote speaker.  He gave an introductory session on Kubernetes.  He explained various aspects of data processing and covered what and why of the same. Furthermore, he described the pros and cons of ongoing schemes which are used for data analytics and scrapping, and how kubernetes comes at a superior level.  A live demonstration on data scrapping was taken by him which scrapped the images from Reddit and even identified it using machine learning algorithms.

KeyNote 5: Machine Learning | Umang Sharma

Umang Sharma

Umang SharmaAssociate-Application Development and Machine Learning at Accenture Digital Analytics, showed how easy machine learning can be. Furthermore, he also talked about the Tensorflow framework. He showed how overfeeding of information may lead to undesirable results with the help of a Java Machine Learning MLCC Example, a web app that allows you to talk to Chat Bot.  Finally, he demonstrated an example of a self-learning game of Pacman, which he played via face gestures for movements.

KeyNote 6: How to Build for Scale | Rachita Choudhary

Rachita Babychakra

Rachita Choudhary, Director Of Engineering at BabyChakra shared her insights on the development of a business and startups. She explained the important steps for a start-up to grow by a unique four Stages Hockey Stick Growth named Tinkering, The Blade years, The Growth Inflection Point, and Surging Growth.  Furthermore, she explained how BabyChakra was supported by Google launchpad and how can others take benefits of the Launchpad.

KeyNote 7: Machine Learning  Concepts and Algorithm | Shantanu Mirajkar

Shantanu GDG

Shantanu Mirajkar, co-founder at clairvoyant gave an in-depth dive on Machine Learning concepts and different algorithms to settle the problem statement. He made everything look easy and precise to get a clear idea on what things must be used and at what stage.  He quickly took a walkthrough around different machine learning algorithms and best practices to use them.

KeyNote 8: Solve for India | Karthik Padmanabhan

Karthik Google Developers Relaional Head Displaying Jio Feature phone powered by KaiOS

Karthik Padmanabhan, Developer relation head at Google India, gave a thought-provoking talk about how Google products can solve daily problems which India face in terms of technology. He pointed out the generation gap which we are facing in India. Elderly people don’t know how to handle a smartphone but they can talk with the phone via Google Assistant to make their lives easier.  He enthusiastically asked developers to get fill this gap and make technology easy to use and gave a quick intro on Dialogflow and Actions on Google to get things done in an easier way.   Further, he talked about Machine Learning and barriers which developers face while implementing the concepts and gave his views on Tensorflow.  Sharing a fact that there is a very small number of people who can actually create ML Models,  he talked about democratizing AI.  Karthik talked about ML Frameworks, AutoML, and Machine Learning API’s,  for developers and consumers and suggested on what to use according to the requirements. He explained new platforms which google came up with like Women techmakers which is aimed at a neutral gender equality between both men and women and is focused on the empowerment of women in technology.  Another important platform he mentioned was Google Launchpad and how it helps ideas to become a reality.

The event concluded by prize distribution for the winners of Twitter, and Quiz contests which took place during the course of the programme.

// For the folks who are interested in joining the GDG Community Pune can request to join from here.

It was a great experience covering  GDG Pune  DevFest 2018 as an official media partner. Do comment us your experience of the event and share it with everyone who missed it.

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