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GDG Pune DevFest 2018 : Know The Speakers


Pune city is hosting the next Google Developers Conference, GDG Pune DevFest 2018 on 29th of September’18. We have covered an article on the same, yesterday. And not for our surprise it went viratl in the city in matter of moments. Read the whereabouts of this event. Today’s article discusses the agenda of this conference. With big names in the speaker panel, this event is going too be a grand festivity.

Speakers And Their Agenda in GDG Pune DevFest 2018:
  1. Karthik Padmanabhan : Developer Relations Lead @Google
    Karthik will deliver introductory keynote to the super energetic and excited crowd. In order to kae them comfortable with what’s coming.


  2. Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan : Program Coordinator @Google
    She will be talking about building conversational experiences for users. As a result of this, the participants will get a basic idea of what user experience means and why is it important.

    Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan

  3. Pawan Kumar : GDE Flutter
    His topic of discussion is : Flutter- What’s so hot? Let us keep it hot and a climax….Shhhh..!!
  4. Rachita Choudhary : Director Of Engineering @BabyChakra
    She will impart her knowledge on “How to build for scale” to help the participants scale up their skills.

    Rachita Choudhary

  5. Vishal Biyani : GDE @Google Cloud
    For future developers, he brings the future of platforms- Kubernets: The platforms of future.

    Vishal Biyani

  6. Aniruddha Patwardhan : Head Of Engineering @PhonePe
    For the potential and budding business minds, he will dive into Product engineering at startups.
  7. Sucheta Dhere : Consultant
    She will elaborate a case study on rural India with modern approach of AI, ML and DS. Because that is the need of time. And that’s what technology is for! Betterment of lives!
  8. Umang Sharma : Associate ML Engineer @Accenture
    Because Machine Learning is the new cool and the need, this young mind will talk on Why and How machines shuld learn from humans.

As a result of this broad spectrum of technologies being discussed, GDG Pune DevFest will be the biggest Tech Conference in Pune. But who are the people behind organizing this mass scale conference? Apparently, it’s not and easy task for one person. Fun fact: This event has got 3 organizer teams working days in and nights out to bring you opportunities.

  1. Google Developers Group[GDG] for GDG Pune DevFest 2018

    GDG is the place for developers to discuss Google Technologies. Consequently, this creates a volunteer team of self learning people. Hence they later benefit the world through their knowledge.

  2. Women Techmakers

    Google’s Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. Because women play an equally important role in society, providing them with equal opportunities is of best interest.

  3. Google Cloud Developer CommunityOn similar tracks of GDG, GCDC is also a group of tech enthusiasta who focus on Google’s cloud technology. As a result of their influence, Google has been able to progress deeply in cloud platform.

Apart from this, Techie Scoops is the Official Media Partner for the same. Know more about TechieScoops Media here.

Conclusively, this event is the most sought after deal in Pune. See You All At MIT..!! Click here for more such wild articles. Follow Techie Scoops on Instagram to stay up to date with latest tech trends.

Vishwajeet Ranade
[1] Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer(University Of Pune, India) [2] Software developer (SAP ABAP/JAVA/C++ etc.). [3] Microsoft Certified Technology Associate in Security Fundamentals. [4] IBM badge in Blockchain Essentials [5] IBM badge in Blockchain Developers Course [6] Trained in Biofield imaging technology from Centre Of Biofield Sciences (Affiliated to institute of complementary Medicine, UK) [7] Blockchain Researcher [8] Researcher in Image Processing, Audio technology and Physics

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