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Get Set Gadgets:

Hey, all

Answer one simple question – if somehow time travel is invented, would you be willing to go back in the 1800’s and settle there for life?

Of course not! At least I wouldn’t. The point is not that back in those days, nobody took a shower, or maybe 200cc bikes did not exist. The most reasonable reason that most of us would prefer to stay in this timeline is because of our very much beloved, more precious than life gadgets.

Quick, take a look at your right. There is a great chance that some or the other gadget are present, however, big or small.

Our electronic gadgets proudly make their position right next to mankind’s greatest invention – fire. These digital, electronic pieces of plastic and metal have influenced our lives to an incredibly high extent, so much that we start our days with them, and end our days with them. Some people even manage to end their lives with them (pun intended). Jokes aside, an average human being will constantly make use of electronic gadgets, without ever stopping once and asking himself “why do I even need this?” The answer is obviously simple.

Let us take a brief glimpse at the history of gadgets. During the stone age, gadgets did not have their electronic superpowers. An average caveman started his day by lighting fire, cooking leftover food, going for a hunt, then make another fire, and cooking again. This process went on and on and on. For the caveman, the gadgets of his days were flintstones, arrows, maces, and clubs. Technically speaking, these objects made his life easier. He didn’t have to wrestle with an animal if he ever got hungry. Just like humans, gadgets evolved with time. Even back in the 1800’s, gadgets did make their presence felt. But those gadgets will hardly be of any use to us now. The reason? Because they were not electronic. Because there did not use any kind of programming language to function. And because they were not computers. Let’s face it. Every single electronic gadget that surrounds us is some or the other type of computer. “So what?” you must be thinking. The strongest ability of modern computers is that they are very flexible and dynamic, which means that they can be used for more than one purpose. Integrate that into something small and portable and BOOM – a trend is created.

So this topic brings us to another question – why do we even need gadgets. It is possible to live without them. Humans have managed that until now. We have oxygen to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, and medicines, just in case. So why can we not spend our time without using them? The answer can be given in one single word – ‘Laziness.’ Yes, human beings are so lazy that this habit of theirs end up becoming an inspiration. Take a look at your smartphone. You can use it for a variety of applications.

Need groceries? Order them from an e-commerce website.

Feeling lonely? Use a messenger app.

Want to read the news? Do it online!

The applications are endless. Some recent gadgets even have the ability to let you know your heart rate and blood sugar level. And all those details are stored in a tiny device that you will probably strap to your wrist. Gadgets need not be small in size. Air conditioners and washing machines are two examples. And some gadgets also exist which seem completely out of the world. For example, a knife which toasts the slice of the bread as you cut it. Who needs a toaster anymore when you can own an extremely hot knife. Another one is a solar powered socket, which attaches to your window and keeps generating electricity using solar power. Such innovative approaches lead to the creation of more amazing stuff.

Another big reason for our gadget addiction can also be described in one single word – ‘Boredom.’ Seriously, who doesn’t get bored standing in a queue, or waiting for the subway. Boredom has been a problem since the creation of humans. But I have a solution to that problem. I simply take my phone out and start playing Pocket Tanks. See, it’s that simple. Boredom eliminated instantly. Nowadays, we need a reason to not get bored. We have come that far.

So, here we are, in a world full of digital signals and plastics. Electronic gadgets have taken the entire world by storm. Even urban places are not safe from the influence of gadgets. We have arrived at such a stage that selling your kidney for a pocket-sized device seems perfectly legit. Hopefully, for those of you who have done that and for those who are still considering it, in the near future, digital kidneys will be created whose functions will be more than just flushing out waste. And hopefully, humans will one day be integrated with their own little devices. At the flick of your wrist, you will know the time without even wearing a wristwatch. You may like it or hate it, but you can never deny the fact that gadgets are now controlling us. Does anyone want their own Jarvis?
Anyway, I will end this article with a simple yet powerful and logical quote said by Ed Kovacs –

“The best gadget is the human brain”

Thank you! Hope you like this article –¬†stay tuned.



  1. Simple language and humor made it more interesting to read.Rihand did a great job so did Saurab and hope to see more such guest blogs.

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