There are foodie (Food Lover) people out there, who are always in search of tasty food. Almost everyone likes to go to good food places. Most of the time it is easy to find good food places in own city, but when in other cities, we are mostly unknown to the place, Culture, and food. Everyone gets the first question that, Which Food Dish is famous here or tasty? But it takes time to reach up to the place.

For these questions, Google has the answer that is Popular Dishes in Maps. This feature is Google`s new feature, especially for Food Lovers. Google used images clicked and tagged by Google Maps users to feature popular dishes for restaurants in Google Maps. So Google maps will now display popular dishes up top in the menu section on maps.

How Google worked on this feature
People, who used to go to different restaurants and they clicked some photos of food dishes and tagged Google. For months Google was asking for Google Maps users to tag restaurant dishes by clicking pictures and adding the name to them. By this Google created a bank of information to offer a new feature called Popular Dishes in Maps.

How does it work?

Users, who posted or tagged photos and restaurants to Google Maps, on the basis of that, Google maps will now show popular dishes from a restaurant. This is an approach Google has used for a long time to train its image recognition algorithms. There were some identifying street signs in reCAPTCHA, that helped Google to create image recognition features for lens or event its autonomous cars.

So in Google Maps, whenever you will search for a restaurant on the app, you will get to see the menu tap to see the Popular Dishes section right on the top, which is not available for all restaurants. At the bottom, you will see the photos, opinions or reviews about the dish. There will be a list of opinions, users gave. It will be provided with the names of these users. There are some opinions which are generated by some of Google`s Local Guides. These reviews will be on the basis of the people who shared reviews, photos, and knowledge about the places around them on Google Maps. Local Guides get rewarded for their reviews with points for tagging and reviewing dishes on maps.

There is also an option to edit reviews by people and mark changes like wrong dishes. This will help Google to get better in its Popular Dishes recommendations.

The Aim behind this

All these efforts of Google were taken to make maps more than just navigation. Last year Google announced about features to make the app more social. They worked on the “For You” tab that offe3rs tailored recommendations. Also the “Match Score” to tell everyone how much you might like a restaurant or business, with the same Aim.

There are so many Food Blogger and this is going to help them a lot. So the people who give reviews most of the reviews come from Food Bloggers. So now your favorite food is easy to get because of Google Map`s Popular Dishes in Maps.

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