A few weeks back, reports stated that Google can track you even with your Location History turned off. And now again Google shocked everyone, according to the Bloomberg report has revealed that Google and Mastercard secretly made a deal. A deal is that Google could track offline sales by using Mastercard transaction data. Google provides a service called Store Sales Measurement that accessed around 70% of US credit and debit cards. The Stores Sales Measurement makes it possible for advertisers to resolve whether their online ads result in offline sales.

The online ads make it easy to track the usefulness of your ad campaign. This is the main reason why online ads have become so popular and favored. Companies are spending more on online ads than TV ads, newspaper ads and more. If any person spent money on Facebook or Google ads, they can directly trace the number of customers who end up in their online store because of the campaign. They can also see what other people end up buying.

Google’s deal with Mastercard:

After four years of arrangement, Google came to an agreement with Mastercard. The deal gives access to the transaction data of the two billion of Mastercard transactions that are currently in process. And Google paid millions of dollars for the data,  ad revenue sharing discussion was also held. The companies chose to keep their deal a secret from the public. This is something that will surprise Mastercard’s two billion customers from all over the world.

Google and Mastercard didn’t individually make a comment about the secret deal that has now been bare. Although the spokesperson of Mastercard Seth Eisen confirmed that this company shares information to help advertisers discover the advantage of ad campaigns. He also said, “No individual transaction or personal data is provided. We do not provide insights that track, serve up ads to, or even measure ad effectiveness relating to, individual consumers.”

If you want to opt out of this Mastercard deal and from tracking, you can turn off “Web and App Activity” in your Google account. But to find out this setting is really hard and holds a lot of stuff. As for now, offline purchases are neither “web” nor “app” data.

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