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Google’s Android Messages for Web Rolled Out


Google released the Android Messages app: Google has a bit of history with their messaging apps. Once upon a time, there was G-Talk. Then it evolved into Hangouts, followed by Allo and Duo, which weren’t enough. But none of these apps matched the seamless integration and features of iMessage.

Then, Back in April, Google announced Chat as a revamp to Android Messages with many features including RCS (Rich Communication Service), Messages for Web and many more.

Now, the first phase of this revamp has begun with the rollout of Messages for Web.

What is Messages For Web?

Messages for Web was the most demanded feature for Android since messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and Google’s own Allo already offer a web interface.

Chat Window


How to try out android messages

The rollout of Messages for Web began today and users may start to see the options pop up in their phones once Google flips the server side switch of your geographical area and provides an update to the Messages app in Play Store.

'Messages for Web' button shows up in options menuMessages for Web

Once the Messages app is updated you can see an option in the menu named “Messages for Web”. That option brings up a screen with QR Code scanner. Then go to the Android Messages webpage and scan the QR Code to pair your phone with the computer. After this, you are ready to use Messages for Web using your computer.Messaging for Web now on Android Messages

Don’t worry if the option is not showing up for you as the rollout is slow and may take a while before everyone receives the update. If you are dying to try out this feature like me, then there’s a workaround made by the folks over at XDA forums, which can force-enable this feature using Root Access. you can find that workaround here.

Apart from that Google announced a host of new features for Android Messages on their Official Blog.

Copy OTP with one tap

Copy OTP with one tap

Link Preview in Android Messages

Link Preview in Android Messages

These features include the ability to search and send GIF’s within the app, predicting your reply message with Smart Reply using Google’s AI algorithms, previewing the links within the conversation and copying OTP or verification codes directly from the notification, saving a lot of time.

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