HAARP: The aurora of new dawn

Back in 2017, I happened to write a two-act play named “Tesla” with one of my co-writer which was directed by a very talented director and was staged in the artistic city of Pune (India). The play was a great success and international theatre scene platforms like rasaaurdrama covered a photo story over it adding a feather to our hat. The script had many twists and deep conversations between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, but this following dialogue was soon turned to quote.


“The world is based on what you believe is true and accept it as reality. Knowledge and Experieance are both ambiguous, thus making reality a mere illusion.”
-TESLA (Play- 2017)

The meaning of this sentence however remained a mystery to many of the folks from audience and I know it still remains a mystery to some of you too, but it still motivates me to write on something different from blockchain and crypto and computer related stuff.

I know I mentioned about writing on “Internet Using Blockchain”, but let us all take a break from geeky stuff. The Infinity wars trailer has just been dropped and we all are in a different mood. This article is going to be something way different than you expected.

Have you ever imagined if man could ever get those superpowers? Like communication without interference, hovering, flying, super punches and what not. Yes. We all have…!!! That fantasy my friends is turning to reality. In this article we will learn something about HAARP.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has been deployed by the United States Of America in 2007 funded by U.S Air Force, U.S Navy, University of Alaska Fairbanks and Defence Advanced Research Agency. The stuff is as cool as the name sounds.  This research program basically focuses on researching on ionosphere for high end skywave propagation.

Ionosphere: An electrically charged atmospheric layer which consists of ions and makes a huge impact on skywave communication.
Skywave: A method of radio communication which uses ionosphere as the point of reflection for distant communication.

How Is HAARP Set Up?
The target equipment used at HAARP is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI). This is a high-frequency Phased array transmitter with a set of 180 high-power antennas. The grid is layed in an array of 12×15 units that occupy a field area of about 30–40 acres. The IRI is used to instantaneously seed the energy in a small portion of ionosphere. The disturbed patterns in the ionosphere are the studied for the behavioural changes of that layer under impact of high energy waves. These studies are then used for defining skywave propagation parameters increasing the accuracy and efficiency of communication systems.

What Exactly is Done?
Its just like opening a portal to another dimension. That easy. Just kidding folks.
Basically what happens is that during the study cycle, the antennas are delivered with a power feed which makes those antennas to create waves. These waves travel in upward direction and interact with ionospheric layer around 75-350 km above the surface of earth. These signals are partially absorbed by ionospheric components in any kilometers of diameter. This absorption of energy causes disturbances in the layer and then a test wave signal is deployed. The patterns of returning signal are studied to understand the plasmic changes and behaviour of natural processes.

Daaaaaaaaamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……….That was too deep, it went right off my head.
Even a group of dogs chasing a car make more sense than this.

I felt like that too until I came across the applications of this research.

What are we gonna get(Lets talk business) ?
1] Producing high density plasma clouds in atmosphere. Lets say it’d make communication efficient.
2] High accuracy GPS. Underwater positioning possible.
3] Solar flare and storm observation.
4] Artificial shielding against solar storm impact on geo communication and power distribution.

Now that sounds like a superhero tech, coming right from Wakanda.

What locations are these facilities located?
No information about the locations is available in a confirmed manner, but the most probable locations include USA, Russia, China, India, Japan, UK, Norway, Brazil, Australia.

Many conspiracy theories have been into limelight over HAARP. One of the most famous theory says that “Weather Control can be harnessed and weaponized through HAARP.”. Now as much scary this sounds, scarier are the consequences of these theories. People have tried to plot attacks on other people just because of a small fear of being under siege. Now those theories remain theories, the topic of HAARP still remains untouched and the studies still remain undertaken.

The play I earlier mentioned yet again has a dialogue coming from Tesla:

“The illusion about the world you have created is what you believe is real. Is it right to say that we all are living in the world built on our own assumptions?”
-TESLA (Play- 2017)

Let us see, what assumption you choose to believe in about HAARP. Till then, wait for infinity wars and then try to relate this reality to that science fiction. The reason I kept mentioning Tesla is because he was the one who proposed to use the power of electricity as infinite blessing to mankind from the angles.