Our basic needs are food, clothes, shelter, and Wi-Fi. Yes, Wi-Fi is one of our basic needs now. We have given so much importance to it that we need it. We cannot refuse that we are so much dependent on Wi-Fi or the internet. But everybody hates to wait and due to the low speed of the internet, it gets buffer or gets late to visual. When we are searching for something on the internet and it takes so much time, we get angry and disturb. So now all we need is a better speed of the internet or Wi-Fi. Now researchers have something which is almost unexpected. Researchers are using Laser. They are using it like a radio frequency transmitter for the first time.


The researcher is using Laser as a radio frequency transmitter for the very first time. They said that the laser can emit the microwaves wirelessly. They also can modulate them and receive external radio frequency signals.

As per Federico Capasso, senior author of the study, “The research opens the door to new types of hybrid electronic devices. This is the first step toward ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi.”

In 2017, The researchers discovered that an infrared frequency comb in quantum cascade laser could be used to generate terahertz frequencies. The sub-millimeter wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum have the ability to move data hundreds of times faster than today`s wireless platforms. After in 2018, the team of researchers found that quantum cascade laser frequency combs also have the ability to act as an integrated transmitter or receiver to efficiency encode information.

Finally Figured out the way

Now, the researchers found a way to extract and transmit wireless signals from laser frequency combs. It is not like the conventional lasers, which emit a single frequency of light. Even if it is space to resemble the teeth of the comb, Laser frequency combs emit multiple frequencies simultaneously.

While the research the team found that the different frequencies of light beat together to generate microwave radiation. The team found this inside the laser. There are microwave frequencies that are within the communication spectrum. Because of the light inside the cavity of the laser electrons oscillated at microwave frequencies.

You need to be able to put useful information in the microwave signals and extract that information from the device If you want to use this device for Wi-Fi.

The Antenna

The first thing the new device needed to transmit microwave signals was an antenna. The researchers created a dipole antenna to etch a gap into the top electrode of the device. Then they modulated the frequency comb to encode information on the microwave radiation. It was created by the beating light of the comb. The Microwaves used an antenna to radiate from the device. It contains encoded information. The horn antenna used to receive the radio signals which they filtered and sent to a computer.

Also Demonstrated

The researchers also demonstrated that laser radio could receive signals. The team was able to remotely control the behavior of the laser using microwave signals from another device.
As per Piccardo, “ This all-in-one, the integrated device holds great promise for wireless communication,” This research provides a clear roadmap showing how to get terahertz wireless communication.

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