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Here we are again. In our previous article i.e ‘Drive The Lightning Era – A Tesla Story’. We have provided information on electric vehicles. The one company, responsible for the escalating ‘electrification’ of the world, caught our interest. That company is none other than Tesla. This company that’s creating the future (literally duh). In fact, We are hoping to be a part of the team in the distant, or possibly near future. But aside from that, the topic of the day is actually too fascinating to be true. It’s about a machine that hasn’t been produced yet, but once it does, it will completely change fast-travel.  Oh yes! it even has a really cool sounding name. Behold, The Hyperloop.

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Although it’s not being built by Tesla, we can’t ignore the brilliant mind behind it. Elon Musk, who runs Tesla AND SpaceX, is the genius in the show, also including much of his innovative engineering team. And this particular traveling machine is built by SpaceX. The name says it all. They have already achieved milestones after milestones regarding space exploration. In fact, it even seems to beat NASA! And as if a rocket spaceship was not enough (it never will be), SpaceX has decided to make the Hyperloop look like a passenger-carrying rocket that zooms around on the earth, rather that above it. So, let’s get straight to business.

As we have mentioned earlier, Hyperloop may become the fastest way to travel in the world. Many of you may be familiar with maglev trains. Well, the Hyperloop works on the same principle. The difference is that while maglev trains can function in the open, the Hyperloop requires a long tube. Also, while a maglev train’s motion solely depends on magnetic levitation, Hyperloop requires both magnetic levitation AND air pressure for smooth, vibrationless and noiseless motion. But pretty much everything else between these two is common – including the fact that these two massive, heavy machines do not ever make contact with the rails, which is really very cool.

So, some of you would already be thinking – “If these two are almost the same, then why to spend so much money on building something that already exists?” Well, it’s kind of true. You can easily modify a maglev train to move faster. But that would only be at the cost of efficiency and fuel, not to ignore the fact that tickets would cost even more. So what’s one very basic feature that sets maglev trains apart from the Hyperloop? The answer is air resistance.
Yes, the mighty tunnel doesn’t just exist for aesthetics. Its actual function is to pump out most of the air inside, creating an environment close to a vacuum. That means, there is very less air resistance to affect the vehicle in any way. Here’s a detailed picture for your understanding:


Hyperloop reminds us of one huge, long jet engine. The collosal air sucking fan sits right in front of the passengers, making this vehicle an ideal setting for the next ‘Final Destination’ movie. The picture here speaks more words than I ever will, so you get the idea of its working. Hyperloop is essentially a capsule. This means that the number of seats per passengers is very limited. In fact, to cover the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco itself will cost $6 billion, and the return of investment is estimated to be fulfilled in eight years after it’s implementation. But people are happy as tickets are estimated to cost around $30 dollars only. Go on, take a flight, smart people. Although the idea and technology for such type of transportation were already developed in 1960’s, it has arrived in the spotlight only recently, thanks to the unbreakable vision of Elon Musk. What’s more, we can expect the Hyperloop in just 4 years. In fact, it’s test track, or more like ‘test tube’, is already under development. It is situated in Nevada desert with all the aliens flying around, and it looks like this:


The Hyperloop is sure to transit in U.S.A, U.K, India, Argentina and several middle eastern countries. Indians were surprised by SpaceX’s announcement to build their flagship transportation in India. As of now, the fixed routes are – Mumbai to Delhi, Mumbai to Chennai, Chennai to Bangalore, and Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram. And of course, one cannot forget Dubai, which is an obvious choice. Speaking of that, we may even get to see a gold plated Hyperloop! This machine is a trend setter, people. It’s going to use solar panels for the sake of alternative energy. There’s your answer to its affordable tickets. As for its safety assurance, no need to mention it. It’s too advanced already.

So, the conclusion here – get your body ready for G-force. Once inside this beauty, you’ll have to face the beast.

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