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IIT-Kharagpur home to coastal maritime research


The Ministry of Shipping has started with a flagship Sagarmala programme. Under this programme, it is aiming for a lot many things to happen one of it is the project at IIT-Kharagpur. 

What is the project?

IIT-Kharagpur is setting up the center for Inland and Coastal Maritime Technology (CICMT). The same is happening under the flagship sagarmala programme of the Ministry of Shipping. The institute states that it will reduce the cost of research. The CICMT will result in cost and time savings for work in the port and maritime sector.

The Institute said

Prof. P. P. Chakrabarti, Director IIT-Kharagpur said, “IIT Kharagpur is delighted to be able to set up the Centre for Inland and Coastal Maritime Technology. This builds on the unique strength of IIT Kharagpur’s Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture department supported by all the other engineering and science departments”.

He also stated that the institute was looking forward to work on deep areas related to energy efficiency and the use of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

More about the project

The project is a long term investment and plans especially for the port and maritime sector of the country. The same is being funded completely under the Sagarmala programme. Initially, the programme is investing about 69.20 crores for five years. At the end of these five funded years, the revenue that it will generate from the end-user will be enough to sustain it.

Need for the project

Right now there is no testing and experimentation facility available in the country for inland and coastal areas. The shipbuilders had to approach the European countries for it. The CICMT is a world-class ‘state of the art’ center to reduce this dependency of the country’s fisherman on the foreign institutes.

Objectives of the project

Along with ensuring better research opportunities and reducing the dependency of the fisherman on the foreign institutes it has a few more objectives too. The center will be focusing on ship design for coastal/inland waterways, shipbuilding technology, and structure design. And also the transportation system and logistics, cryogenic cargo handling, green/renewable energy harvesting from coastal and inland waters. Along with this, it will also be deploying AI for Maritime Operations.


India is rising in all fields together. Rising in one and lagging in the other imbalances things. To avoid this imbalance and to make things better India is trying to progress in all fields in parallel. This step in maritime research will definitely bring better days and also, in turn, affect a lot of things that might take things in a better way.

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