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Share a Post to Story : New Instagram Update


share a post to story : Instagram, one of the top social networking platforms right now, keeps putting out new updates further improve their app. There is no doubt that in addition to sharing personal experiences, pictures, and videos, Instagram is also an important place for any business to exist on. In a nutshell, it is a powerful marketing tool. The level of customer interaction that Instagram provides to businesses is unmatched. Originally allowing users to post to their feed, Instagram added stories feature a while back.

Now, Instagram Stories, the space for images with a 24-hour lifetime, is used more often than the feed post! Owing to the popularity of stories, Instagram has constantly made efforts to make the experience even better.

Earlier, they add a Highlights feature through which a specific story would always remain on the profile of an account for followers to view. One can also make use of a reposting app to repost content from another’s account. Such additional features are only adding to the power of Instagram.

share a post to story

The Latest Instagram Update Allows You to Share a Post to Story

Since reposting tampers with the look of the feed and makes it messy, Instagram has released a solution. Rolled out to some users in their latest update, Instagram Stories can now have an interactive, clickable image that leads to a post. Basically, using this feature, one can share a post directly to their story. It is very well known that stories have a wider reach and get multiple views throughout the day. So, this feature is sure to be very useful for the worldwide users. Along with being a cool way to drum up some traffic, this feature is extremely easy to use as well. Now, there won’t be any need to take a screenshot of the post and mention the account username in your story. Instagram will do that for you.
While this feature is not yet available to all accounts, it won’t be long before every Instagram user will be able to share a post on their story.

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