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ISRO TV: A Space & Science TV channel launching soon


There are many sources to gain information about space-science, among which the most popular is the internet. However, for better education and learning, ISRO is going to launch its all-new dedicated space and science TV channel, ISRO TV.

This will obviously help aspiring astronauts and science lovers to grab things more easily. It will also establish a direct interaction between ISRO and viewers. And most importantly, the channel will reach to each and every corner of India to benefit people.

K. Sivan, Chairman at Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said, “Within the next three to four months, there will be a television channel launched to reach even the rural parts of India on how space program can benefit the common man”. He also added, “The information on India’s space missions and their applications are not reaching the people fully. Our effort through the channel is to make people aware of the benefits of the space program”.

ISRO Students’ training and more:

Furthermore, ISRO will educate students about space technology and the latest advancements in the field. It will set up a module for students of classes 8-10. They will get training for about a month in the space agency. This will be an exciting opportunity for the students to visit ISRO labs and launching centers.

“The students will be allowed to make their own small satellites at the end of the program. This project, which will be launched soon, has received appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi (who oversees the Department of Space),” Sivan stated. After other queries, he said, “We are also in the process of setting up space galleries and museums across the country”.

Apart from this, ISRO is also preparing to open its spaceport for the public at Sriharikota in AP. Although the chairman did not mention any possible dates. But it is good to know that people can soon visit the agency’s launching areas and facilities.

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