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Self-aware robots: they are self sufficient


The inventions of machines were done to reduce human work. The reduction of human work led to speedy production and also the accuracy increased considerably. But the more we humans receive the more we want. The most these machines ask of us humans is to look after their wear and tear of them. But we don’t even what to do that and what remains is to find a way out. And we find it too. Researchers have now made robots that will look after themselves. Self-repairing, self-aware robots are the future we look forward to.

What is the self-aware robot?

Self-aware robots are machines that can fix itself when something goes wrong. The researchers working on the project said it is like a newborn child that learns to adapt to its surrounding and learns new things on its own. According to the scientists, it is the first robot to have the ability to imagine itself, figure out the purpose of its creation and program itself.

The main aim of this project is to design a machine that will not only teach but also take care of itself. Tending the machines and robots is a work that still requires human help in the industry. Once the robots start looking after itself the need for humans will only be restricted to highly technical segments.

Process of evolution

In the process of making the self-aware robot researchers made a mechanical arm. This designed arm had no knowledge of physics, geometry, or dynamics of its being. Once the arm was ready it was allowed free reign for about 35 hours. During this time the mechanical arm grasped its computing knowledge and also figured out its capabilities to do work. Then the mechanical arm created its own biomechanics and learned to successfully pick up and drop things. It was also able to write with the help of a marker.

Once this step was done, researchers inserted a deformity in the mechanical arm. The 3D printed deformed part aimed to find if the arm is able to locate the deformity. The mechanical arm was not only able to detect the deformity but also retained its system to continue performing tasks despite the damaged part.

Beware of something’s

Self-awareness of robots will make the system more adaptive and tough. It won’t let the system to be stuck in one place for a long period of time. Though the system is turning intelligent this powerful technology needs high care and effective handling. Too sharp brains when working in the wrong domain can prove to be highly destructive and we have all seen this from time to time.


The aim was to make a system that could understand and evolve like humans. There is still a long way to go to achieve this. Some scientists also claim that it is practically impossible to develop robots that can have their own intelligence and understanding as complex as the humans. That stays a well-debated topic.


The growth of artificial intelligence and the pace of its advancement might scare us sometimes. It is not the technology but the brains that will drive it that pose the real threat. Even if the system might think for itself tomorrow but still there would be limitations and how we let them think and work will define how well they operate. Self-aware robots seem to be the need of the hour. It may success of fail but it deserves a try. After all only the fittest survive.

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