There has been a lot of speculated conversations going on about JioPhone being manufactured in China even when India has decided to ban Chinese products. Now, the question is, whether we Indians are actually doing what we are saying? Let’s focus on a few important points to see if JioPhone is really a Chinese product or not.
 At Reliance Jio’s 2017 AGM on 21st July 2017, Mukesh Ambani stated in his speech that the JioPhones will be ‘made in India’ in next couple of months. The company will make available 5 million phones every week and manufacture all JioPhones in India from “last quarter of this year.
Due to an enormous demand for the JioPhones, the first lot has been ordered from Taiwan, not China. This was also mentioned in an article posted by Financial Express. For those who are weak in Geography, Taiwan is not a part of China. It is located near China
Coming to the main subject of “Ban all Chinese products”; many are still not taking the topic seriously or haven’t done enough research. We still have Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and many other companies successfully promoting and selling their products in our country. There are many famous TV shows, huge cricket tournament, and events being sponsored by these Chinese Brands.
Indian Cricket Team’s sponsor is a Chinese phone maker – Oppo, the team’s jerseys have Oppo India written on them but nobody seems to have a problem with that. The most-loved iPhones and other Apple products are also assembled in China. If you are using these products, think twice before picking up an issue that isn’t even true.
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Saurabh Sharma

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