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KT Presented SDN/NFV Solution in International Stage for the First Time in the World!

KT Presented SDN/NFV Solution in International Stage for the First Time in the World!

KT Presented SDN/NFV Solution in International Stage for the First Time in the World!

KT presented Multi-Domain, Multi-vendor Commercialized SDN solution for the first time in the world. Targets international market by displaying ‘SDN Total Control Solution’ and ‘NFV Remote Control Solution’ – #TS_Xclusives.

KT (Korea Telecom CEO Chang-gyu Hwang, www.kt.com) joined ‘SDN/NFV World Congress 2017’, the world’s leading forum and showcased for Network transformation from October 9th to 13th in Hague, Netherlands. KT presented commercialization-based ‘SDN(Software Defined Networks) Solution’ and ‘NFV(Network Function Virtualization) solution’.


KT’s ‘SDN Solution’ is a total automatic solution, which not only works through dedicated line service, but also emerged into the network, IP, and cloud service so that it can control ICT infra as a whole at once. By converging automation and intelligence technology, SDN solution could build a system which could provide on-demand service and immediate fault recovery.

Additionally, KT’s ‘NFV Solution’ is based on NFV technology, which allows real-time remote control by using the virtualized switch, virtualized firewall, VPN, etc, so that it can always provide a safe environment to customers without placing network security administrators.

From 2017 to 2019, KT has been selected as the official operator to build and operate ‘Korea Research and Education Network (KOREN)’ and ‘Intelligent hyper-connected network’, which is funded by MSIT(Ministry of Science and ICT) and NIA(National Information Society Agency). Therefore, KT is currently developing software-defined infra with its own technology. Here, core technologies are integrated such as KT’s SDN based network virtualization, cloud, intelligent operation automation, etc. This year, KT is planning to apply SDN solution to KOREN, which was presented in ‘SDN/NFV World Congress 2017’.

KT’s Head of Infra R&D Laboratory Hongbeom Jeon stated, “Through this ‘SDN/NFV World Congress 2017’, KT will present ‘SDN Solution’s competitiveness in both government’s public service network and global network solution market.

History of KT SDN Solution:

  • 2015: Introduced T-SDN in SDN/NFV World Congress 2015
  • 2016: Commercialized T-SDN in 2016
  • 2017~: Implementing all layer transformation for SDN/NFV in 2017
  • 2017-2020: Developing SDI for (at least) 100G ultrawideband network and the orchestration of T-SDN, IP-SDN and could controller

 KOREN Re: Design Project

  • Physical transformation: eight nodes at the speed of 10Gbps-160Gbps to ten nodes at the minimum speed of 100Gbps
  • Logical transformation: Cross-domain Service Orchestrator (CSO)
  • Demo for SDN/NFV World Congress 2017: VM+E2E generation and/or VM+Auto Datacenter Scale-In/Out

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