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Latest MIUI 9 Build for MI Mix 2 with an Android P Style Redesign


Responding to the release of the latest Android P, Xiaomi has introduced the MIUI 9 build for one of its best-selling smartphones, the MI Mix 2. Presently, the MI MIX 2S has also joined the Android P Developer Preview, which is free for developers to use.

“The preview version of Android P will provide improvements in the compatibility and performance of the device”

~ Xiaomi

The MIUI 9 build for the MI Mix 2 features a redesign of the lock screen, notifications panel, quick settings, volume panel, recent apps and more. Version 8.5.11 of MIUI 9 has leaked online for the Mi Mix 2 and TechieScoops has brought you images of the update, below.

MIUI 9 - Images of the redesign

MIUI 9 – Images of the redesign


MIUI 9 – The Redesign

Many changes can be noticed in the leaked screenshots. The lock screen seems to be more colorful and neat, even though the camera and call log buttons are still present at their earlier positions.


MIUI 9 Lock Screen

The new lock screen is more colorful, while still being minimal and clean.


The changes in the UI components are quite attractive, too. The notification panel has been revamped with a clean white background and a minimal Cards UI for notifications. The battery and SIM card symbols have been re-positioned to look much better as well. Notifications are now much more detailed and contain more information, allowing users to get all they need with just a glance.  The quick settings too have been redesigned according to Android P and now sport round buttons. 

MIUI 9 Notifications Panel

In previous MIUI versions, the volume bar was a horizontal panel, whereas in this latest update, it’s a vertical white bar with shortcuts to quickly switch to silent mode or DND mode.

MIUI 9 Volume Panel

Expanded View of the Volume Buttons

MIUI 9 Volume Buttons

Brand new volume panel with Silent / DND shortcuts

The “Recent Apps” panel has been given a 2×2 card-like view which is much more interesting than that of MIUI 9’s predecessors.

MIUI 9 Recent Apps

A neat, Cards UI based “Recent Apps” panel

It is important to note that the developer preview is not the final version.  Also, this variation of the MIUI 9 build is currently only on the MI Mix 2 as other phones with this build appear quite different.


Overall, this update is very interesting and user friendly. The developer preview has set some high standards which have not only kept current MIUI users happy, but have also attracted new, first-timers to go in for an MIUI-based smartphone.

Do let us know your thoughts on this update of MIUI in the comments section below.



An article by Hrithik Goel for TechieScoops

Picture Credits: Xiaomi UI official Telegram account.

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