Isn’t it interesting to see our player fight superbly and win a chicken dinner?? Now instead of a player with your name if it could have been you playing, wouldn’t that make the game much more interesting??? In this era of virtual reality, we want more than what it is providing (that’s human tendency I am not at fault bro!!). Instead of customizing just the surrounding to be a virtual reality now we want to play in it too!! And Motion capture is a step closer to this.

Once again something that seems to be a science fiction but a near reality now. Necessity is the mother of invention and demanding is the nature of humans. Today we can actually perform 3D modeling and make something that walks and talks like us. Something that can drive us to a land where we can be heroes and fight at the loss of nothing (no loss of human life I mean).

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is basically a process of making a model that can be animated. This is exactly what is being done these days in games that provide you with players that play on your behalf. What the next step would be is you playing these games just like playing pubg in VR.

How Is this implemented?

3D modeling is done using motion capture. The motion is recorded by using infrared lights. There are reflectors present on the body of the person whose actions are to be recorded. The reflectors reflect this infrared light that is captured by the source. Using these details the exact angle of motion is calculated and a skeleton of these points is prepared.

 In the animation phase, we give a face and body to the skeleton of the points of movements. The infrared lights are incapable of recording the expressions of the person. The expressions and features of the character being developed are all a part of the animation. The recent movies like Avatar, Planet of the Apes series are the examples of this technology.

Animation is an old buddy, what’s new in this?

Previous animations was a time consuming and large-scale process. One needed to create a huge number of frames for a simple action like a handshake, with this technology one just needs to record the action and then what remains is the animation of that skeleton. This definitely saved the hard work of creating a number of frames. Motion capture can be called the modern brother of traditional animation.

So you say we make movies like this?

That we definitely do. The history of motion capture goes back to snow white by Disney or the Jurassic Park in 1993, so this definitely isn’t a new technology but the way of operation is definitely the new face of it. Avengers is the best example to describe its application in films.

And how does this work in VR gaming?

Once you are ready with your suit and equipment your every motion is recorded with the help of sensors attached to your body that is replicated by the virtual you. this This is the same as it works in the animation industry.

What does the future hold?

The future isn’t all impossible now. With this level of advancement done already the time isn’t far when moving limbs would no longer be needed the thoughts would be read and pictured. So we can say that motion capture is the new trend in gaming and animation and the next generation animation holds a lot more than we expected.

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