What’s new? The question and the sole reason we constantly see change happening around us. We constantly crave for the new and improved things in everything ranging from food to clothes and from technology to new features. New features are the thing that can keep a technology or service in people’s choice and preference. And now Gmail from Google has come up with a few exciting new features.

What is the new NEW??

Gmail is the partner and an inseparable part of every person’s. Anything that needs to be transferred is mailed and most importantly it stays. It stays at its place as long as you don’t delete things. Though Gmail is such a dependable resource it also has to undergo change and updates. A new look, a new feature only enhances, it seldom degrades. And sometimes the change is worth it.

Recently Gmail has introduced 3 new features. These new features help the user to correct his mistakes and edit during composing a mail. The features will be available to the users without any external installations.

  • Shortcut to redo/undo in the compose window
  • Shortcut to strikethrough text
  • Download messages

These are the new features that the users will get. The New Year definitely holds something new.

Shortcut to redo/undo in the compose window

There are times when w panic and then we make more mistakes and then we panic again. This problem that might happen when we are in a hurry or in panic mode is rectified already by Gmail. The users can now undo something they have accidentally done. For example, a user deletes the content of a drafted mail and wants it back. He can now do it directly in the compose view. And when there is a plus there needs to be a minus too similarly if there is undo there needs to be a redo too. And yes along with undo shortcut redo is present too.

Shortcut to strikethrough text

The beauty of a text depends upon the fonts and the presentation. If the titles go in bold and the more important points go in underlined text and italics it looks good and readable. And not always have emails been all formal. Mails can be called as modern day letters just that they reach immediately. And sometimes like in letters we need to intentionally strikethrough some words so that they indicate something to the person reading. And this letter thing has now come to our modern day letter too.

Download messages

There are times when a particular format is supported in one email platform and is not by the other. Gmail has now solved this problem too. The messages of Gmail can be downloaded in the.EML format. All the email platforms support this format. The format downloads the attachments too along with the message. They can also be sent as an attachment.


The team focuses on enhancing the user experience of Gmail. And along with it make Gmail more user-friendly. The new update will definitely make things easier and better.