I went trekking in Himalayas recently. On our way down, it was raining cats and dogs. The water levels of semi rivers which were till our knees had gone up to our chest. And it was not pretty because the water was freezing cold. So we decided to cross the river like valley crossing.

I am not even joking when I say this. But I could not capture this moment. And I have no greater regrets than this. Wondering why I’m telling you guys all of this? That is because I am going to tell you about what I wish I had. A flying camera which could be easy to carry and lightweight. I wish I had the Nixie camera drone.

what is a Nixie drone??

Nixie Drone is basically a camera on a drone that can be worn. It has good rhyme to it, isn’t it? It can be worn as a wristband and weighs more than 45g. Nixie drone can also unfolds to become a quadracopter. It captures full HD videos or photos and syncs them with your smartphone.

What does it do?

Well, I’ll tell you. It has four operation modes.

Boomerang mode in which the drone flies a set distance from its user, takes a photo and then returns. Huge group selfie scenes are now sorted!

Then there’s panorama mode which allows you to take photos to fill a 360° arc. The next mode is the most interesting one.

The follow me mode gives you a third person view camera by trailing you.

And the last one is hover mode. It hovers for use in jib shots and can be controlled by a smartphone.

The inventors- Christoph Kohstall, Jelena Jovanovic and Micheal Niedermayr say it’ll cost a little more than a go pro. I wish it comes out early so that I can plan another Himalayan trek. And you can plan your adventure sports.