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NOTIN a Revolutionary Mobile App


NOTIN a Revolutionary Mobile App

Okay, Huffing post and other trusted researchers state that on an average a smartphone user spends 5 hours a day on their smartphones, which is one-third of total work hours…thanks to Facebook, Instagram, whats app, and other social networking sites…

We (You, I and everybody else) are addicted to our phones and couldn’t do much about it…

NOTIN a Revolutionary Mobile App

Science says when we receive a message or a notification we feel happy and recognized and our brain releases dopamine chemical and it is the same chemical which is released when a person drinks, smokes or gambles. Dopamine is very addictive and thus which makes us spend 5 hours a day on our phones and makes us jump from one app after the other and at the same time we keep checking our notification panel… right?

We often hold our phones to get some work done but forget the work by checking the notification panel and it takes us through all the apps and its past 1 hour by then and then we remember our work. This all jumping from one app to other and keep on scrolling starts because of the notification panel…

If you are the one (we all are according to research) who does the same, then you are at the right place and do keep reading…

(source – counterpoint research)
So, the whole point is we waste our time and we feel bad about it and we are not really able to do something about it, don’t worry now you can, thanks to the developers. who created such a wonderful app called NOTIN.

So here is an app NOTIN…

Which was the best app in 2017 and it is the Editors choice.

You can save important notes via this app to your notification panel, the notes will be pinned and you can be fully aware of your work or to do list by saving the notes…

You can save something like

Get back to work.

Did you forget about the work?

Stop scrolling!

After pinning this to your notification panel, you will stop switiching the apps and do the real work

This is really useful and time-saving app

For each of our preferences there are similar apps , some of them are – Stuff -to di widget, Notification notes, Writer , Rocketbook, etc..

This app is God’ss plan through developers for us…

You can download this app directly from play store.

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