We all need an assistant in every work. Well, it is important to have suggestions while working on something important. Most of the time, even in the easy work we ask a friend for a bit of advice. Even whenever we are in love with someone and want to tell or convince that particular one, we ask for a bit of advice to our best friend, and it helps too. So this doesn’t mean that we cannot do anything alone, yes we can but it will be better if an assistant is there with us. This was about life.

Also in technology, we will get an assistant. Google recently killed the messaging app Google Allo. The company said that the shut down of the app it aims to focus more on the messages app of the company. So Google kept its promise and introduced a new feature in the app.

Google Assistant

The app has some solutions to problems. As Google has promised it has introduced a new toggle called Assistant suggestions under the smart reply and suggestions section. Once a user enables Assistant suggestions then the settings will allow the assistant to follow a conversation. This is taking place within the app and give suggestions on the basis of certain keywords or phrases. They also have some proof that a Reddit user shared a screenshot of the conversation in which he mentioned hot pot style, which is a cooking method. So people are sharing their experiences too for instance. The Google assistant icon promoted and suggested a list of hot pot restaurants nearby.

Assistant for maps

Google Maps is a very useful app for everyone. But in this app, we also get some problems which are minor but will get reduce by an Assistant. So drivers can use it without getting distracted. So for that Google added Assistant support to Google Maps. It has limited capabilities so the driver will drive smoothly.

With the help of Google Assistant in the maps, users can respond to text messages. So you can easily inform to your friends or family about their location. Along with this users can also stream music and listen to podcasts and all this can be done by giving a simple voice command. Also, we have fantasies like to just command and get the work done. Yes, it is happening in real at least about technology.

What the App is Bringing

As the Google Assistant listens to the audible commands, also the main factor stikes that is language. So Google also has to provide the language service. So Google announced that it is providing support for eight new Indian languages to the Google Assistant. Google has announced the addition of eight languages to Google Assistant. The languages include Gujarati, Kannada, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. A major factor is to switch between the languages. So the company is also making this process easier for the users. Whenever we need to the language we just need to say that, “Ok Google, talk to me in Marathi. This way the technology is solving our minor problems too. Thanks to Google.

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