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NVIDIA TITAN V Launched: It’s Not Limited to Gaming!


Games and graphics are developing at a high pace that our PCs are finding it difficult to cope up with, every quarter of a year gaming industries are developing games with new graphics, visuals, and interface which becomes a challenge for the hardcore gamers to find a matching GPU to run it without any lagging problem. But now Nvidia again proved itself with its new GPU titled “Titan V” the world’s most advanced and powerful GPU ever created after creating Titan X pascal Nvidia has added a new GPU faster more efficient and obviously more capable of handling complex things to their flagship.

Let’s have a look at the specs:

  • Graphics Processing Clusters 6
  • Streaming Multiprocessors 80
  • CUDA Cores (Single Precision) 5120
  • Texture Units 320
  • Base Clock (MHz) 1200 MHz
  • Boost Clock (MHz) 1455 MHz
  • Memory Clock 850 MHz
  • Memory Data Rate 7 Gbps
  • L2 Cache Size 4608K
  • Total Video Memory 12288 MB HBM2
  • Memory Interface 3072-bit
  • Total Memory Bandwith 8 GB/s
  • Texture Rate (Bilinear) 384 GigaTexels/sec
  • Fabrication Process 12nm
  • Transistor Count 1 Billion
  • Connectors 3 x Display Port, 1 x HDMI
  • OS Certification Win 10 64-bit, Win 7 64-bit, Linux,

FreeBSDx86, Solaris

  • Form Factor Dual Slot
  • Power Connectors One 6-pin, One 8-pin
  • Recommended Power Supply 600 Watts
  • Thermal Design Power (TDP) 250 Watts
  • Thermal Threshold 910C

Stunned? Anyone would be, this GPU is a beast, the architecture of this GPU has been designed and created under Nvidia Volta and Titan V is the first consumer-grade graphics card which uses the volta microarchitecture.  The frame buffer size of 12GB HBM2 is like a nitro in Buggati. So, basically, Nvidia has launched the most powerful GPU for its consumer, for normal PC consumers. We are sure if you understand each and every function of this GPU you will be able to create a mini supercomputer for yourself.

If you are thinking that this GPU is made for the sole purpose of gaming then you are wrong this GPU is capable of handling far more complex tasks than just gaming such as cryptocurrency mining and solving complex algorithms and far more task. So, if you are one hell of a tech lover and ready to burn your pocket then go and grab it. The price is $2999 and it’s available 2pc per customer. For all the latest trends, tech news, & reviews follow us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook.


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