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Paytm Issue Resolved: After Consumers India’s One of The Top Tech Youtuber Got Cheated.


Paytm Issue Resolved: After consumers, India’s one of the top tech Youtuber got cheated with 40,000 INR delivered F&D speakers worth 600 INR in place of Canon G7X Mark II Camera.

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Paytm cheated a buyer, found a stone in an Iphone’s box or empty Mi’s box @flipkart or maybe Amazon. These things are not so new. It is very common nowadays and many consumers even got affected. As they don’t have any proof to prove themselves right. This time the mischief happened with India’s One of the top tech Youtuber also the founder of a very reputed tech blog i.e.  

Mr. Abhishek Bhatnagar is now the victim of this unbelievable fraud. Abhishek ordered (Order Number: 3310682286)Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Advanced Point & Shoot Camera’ a high-end camera device and paid Rs. 40995 INR + 99 INR as their shipping charge. And in return what he got? was really unbelievable that was an ‘F&D V250 speakers‘ which cost around 600 INR.


  The order was placed on 30th May and was delivered on 4th June. However, when he opened the packet, SURPRISE! Instead of the high-end camera, he found F&D V520 Speakers as it was the only thing he got inside. The order was shipped and delivered by Bluedart logistics.

The delivery boy didn’t called Abhishek and handed over the packet to his brother and just left as soon as he received the signature. Abhishek opened the packet and next what happened you all know it well. Abhishek made it live on Facebook and even placed a complete video on GadgetsToUse’s Official Channel where he made a phone call to Paytm’s Customer care and also the seller which was later not available. He Dropped a complaint mail @Paytm.

paytmRead the Complete Story @GadgetsToUse Official Website or Check the Video by Clicking Here!

Next morning few officials from Bludart Logistics came to visit Abhishek’s place and take back the wrong product and refund was successfully made from the Paytm side. Later updated about the same on their facebook page about the same.

Official Update From Abhishek Bhatnagar: We would like to tell all of our viewers & readers, that this issue has been sorted for now, as Paytm has issued a refund. They have informed us that its the courier fault. We have asked them to provide us the cause of this problem as an email response.

Happy to hear that! Hope paytm soon digs out what was an issue so-called behind the scenes & this thing does not happen again with any of the consumers/buyers.

“I Found Culprit in PayTM Camera Fraud Case”, Say’s Abhishek Bhatnagar from India’s one of the Leading Channel in Tech on youtube – “Gadgets to Use”.  Just watch the video below.


What’s Our Take? for our readers & everybody out there.

The brand or the e-commerce website from where you order something online is responsible for each and every happening done with the order we placed. It is an advice for all our readers and everybody out there to open the product in front of the camera i.e. to make unboxing videos of every single product you order online whether it is cheap or expensive it doesn’t matter. Just for the safety purpose because many of the times the mischief happens and as the buyer or consumer does not have any proofs company does not take the responsibilities ever.

That’s it for today guys. Hope you like the article. Don’t forget to comment down below what is your opinion? Your take on the same cause. Does it ever happen to you or your colleagues? Has the problem resolved? Let us know!

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  1. […] Paytm Issue Resolved: After Consumers India’s One of The Top Tech Youtuber Got Cheated. […]

  2. […] Paytm Issue Resolved: After Consumers India’s One of The Top Tech Youtuber Got Cheated. […]

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