Everyone loves things exclusively made for them. But certain things couldn’t be exclusive because they are produced in large quantities. But thanks to technological advancements there has been a significant increase in the number of Personalized Medicine that you can get exclusively for yourself.

Personalized Medicine is a field where getting things exclusively for someone or making it personalized has always remained a challenge. Let’s have a simple example. We all at some point in time had a fever. Whatever the reason might have been the fever took you down. Now when you go to the doctor for a fever he/she finds out the reason for fever and treats the symptoms (the fever here). For fever, a tablet is generally given. Now the dosage of the tablet generally varies from person to person. One person may need 1 tablet to get the fever down whereas another person can need 2 tablets to have the same effect. Why does this happen? Let’s see!

Personalized Medicine

As it turns out all the functions performed by our body is controlled by genes. Genes are sequences of data stored in every cell of our body. These genes carry data about the dosage of medicine me might be needing to get a particular problem sorted. For this purpose, genes can be analyzed and found out what dosage you need to get the fever 100% cured. For details of how a gene is analyzed stay tuned!

Personalized Medicine

Now let’s see how a medicine is personalized. As it is practiced a patient goes to the physician in the first step. The physician analyses the symptoms and suggests some tests for the patient. In this case, a test called “Karyotyping” is conducted. For this, the patient only needs to run a blunt glass rod inside the cheeks a few times. The test is conducted by biotechnologists. The result is sent two ways. One goes to the physician while the other goes to a pharmacist. The physician suggests the medicine required. Here one must note that physician is supposed to suggest the chemical name of the drug. The physicians’ report goes to the pharmacist who prepares the medicine with the dosage information from the biotechnologist. The perfect pill is hence prepared and administered to the patient. For details of the test stay tuned!

Personalized Medicine

Now one must note that there are several limitations in the process due to non-availability of suitable identifiers for specific genes. After all, there are nearly 25000 of them. The technology is still in its developmental stages and has great potential in the coming days.





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