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Porsche could have a hologram on their Windshield


Automakers these days are doing some really mind blowing things with augmented reality. One of the examples is Land Rover. It has found out a way to create a transparent car. If one is trying to find out tough off-road trails, it gets very handy. Somehow, we all have seen some big improvements with features like head-up displays (HUDs). As it has the potential to implement important information. Like speed, radio stations, and navigation. All these information prompts on the windshield. Which helps the driver to not to take their eyes off the road. This kind of technology is really helpful and could become better in the upcoming future.

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Porsche has just invested in a Swiss start-up called as WayRay. It produces holographic augmented reality HUD technology. That helps to merge virtual objects onto the windshield. WayRay’s system can extend a huge image across the length of the car. People could understand this as Porsche demonstrated how this technology could be used with readouts.  Like the racing line, lap timer, speed, gear position, and a parking position. A person can see this information on the screen itself.

“A smaller projection system can be installed in almost any car model”, the company claimed. In accordance with the head-up displays that automakers are using currently. The system looks like Forza Motorsports video game. Seems like it has straight out brought to life. WayRay recently is in its Series C funding round. Where it’s going to raise $80 million. The company is now able to process its own holographic optical systems, hardware, and software. For all this progress, the credit goes to the investors. Like Porsche, Hyundai, and others.

Well, this technology has some amazing and important applications in the automotive industry. Read more such articles here.

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