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Portrait Mode is soon coming to Chromebooks via Google Camera


The Google camera app is one and only Google’s selling points for its Pixel lineup. Its post-processing is something that provides Google’s flagship phones some excellent results in regular smartphone photography. And one of its best features might be arriving soon to Chromebooks, as Google is testing the portrait mode for Chromebooks. That indicates that the feature is coming up soon with the Google Camera App on the Chrome OS- powered devices.

More information about Portrait Mode:

According to a new commit on the Chromium Gerrit, the portrait mode feature is in the testing phase on HP Chromebook X2 codenamed ‘Soraka’ recently. Moreover, messages in related commits state that Google Camera App is also being tested on Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 (Nautilus). At times developers test features on off-target devices. But this testing doesn’t actually confirm, that the Google Camera App will be accessible for other devices as well. Recently, the Google Camera App has also been seen in a Dev Channel for some Chromebooks. The main disappointment is the app is only going to launch for one user’s Pixelbook and not in other devices.

In a title- “add portrait mode reprocessing power” the commit reads: “Portrait mode allows anyone to take professional-looking shallow depth-of-the-field images. It registers itself to the reprocessing effect manager so that the portrait processor can apply segmentation effect with YUV reprocessing.” There is a good chance that the portrait mode may get available sooner, but there is no soreness. Some messages in the thread also suggest that algorithm at the back of the Google Camera apps portrait mode effect is tested on Chrome OS-powered devices.

As everyone knows Google’s Pixel smartphone has excellent camera performance without even a need for a secondary camera. The Pixel smartphones possess a magnificent imaging hardware. And most of the Chromebooks would also deliver a fair output for making video calls. So let’s wait and see how Google Camera will create an extreme effect. Although we still don’t know when the portrait mode feature will arrive on Chromebooks. And moreover which Chrome OS-powered devices will have it first.

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