PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online First Person Shooter (FPS) that can only be described as a royal battle. When it initially came out it comprised of mods of other games – a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts. It soon evolved into much more.

The brain-child of Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, PUBG belongs to the Battle Royale genre. When the game first dropped in 2017, it was available on Windows and Xbox. Recently, however, the buzz surrounding the game hit an all time high with the launch of PUBG Mobile. The mobile version of PUBG came in with its amazing graphics, wide array of player movements and intense gameplay – absolutely obliterating their competition.


PUBG Mobile Gameplay

PUBG Mobile Gameplay
PUBG doesn’t have a huge backstory, story-like plotline and conclusion – but that’s the beauty of it. It’s about the fight, and only the fight. Players join the server on a small island airbase, off the coast of a larger island. Once 100 players are in, the match commences – in a plane flying over the large island. Players parachute out the plane and to the various cities below, pick up weapons, ammo, special items, health packs and more. As they pick up these items, they also have to fight off the other players in the game. To add an additional element of danger, the playzone gradually decreases, thus forcing all the players together, over time. In short, PUBG is about the most basic instinct of any living organism – survival.


PUBG Mobile Playing Modes

PUBG Mobile Game Modes

PUBG Mobile can be played in a ‘Squad’ of 4 players, a ‘Duo’ of 2 players and a ‘Solo’ for you lone wolves, out there. You can play with your friends or with random people from across the world. The matches themselves are of two types – Classic and Arcade.

  • Classic – These matches consist of 100 players and the entire island as the map. These are long, drawn out matches that are as much about shooting skill as they are about looting, strategy and endurance. Items in these matches are few and far between and the overall pace of the match starts off slow, as it builds up towards the end.
  • Arcade – These matches consist of 28 players and a much smaller gameplay region. These matches are around 5 minutes, high-powered and quick. They are mostly about your shooting skill as all the players land close to each other. You have to be the quickest and most accurate shooter to win.

“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” – This is the message that appears on the screen when you win a PUBG match, i.e you are the last man standing


PUBG Mobile Map and In-Game Objects

PUBG Mobile In-Game Objects

PUBG Mobile has a large island map with some amazing locations. It has cliffs, mountains, fields, lakes, swamps. Scattered across the terrain are various cities, industrial regions, military zones, etc. The weapons are inspired by very real and very lethal weapons. Then, there are the vehicles. To give you quicker transport – and the ability to take down opponents with the Salman Khan special move – PUBG Mobile has motor vehicles. These include cars, bikes, motorcycles with side-carts, jeeps, sedans, dune-buggy’s and more! As i’m sure you’re starting to realize – PUBG Mobile really packs a lot of power for a mobile game! And it gets more interesting as you play on. There are crates that are air-dropped containing special items, you can throw various types of grenades, wield machetes and frying pans and more. Your player can even crouch, jump, peek, walk, sprint, swim and dive. The extensive features are truly the USP of this game!


PUBG Mobile Graphics

PUBG Mobile Graphics

PUBG Mobile has some amazing graphics. From scenic landscapes, to beautifully designed ruins, to sprawling cities and more. The in-game weather varies from sunny to cloudy to downright foggy. Even with High quality graphics and a decent internet connection I don’t have problems playing this game. Naturally, a good internet connection paired with a powerful phone will give best results. But, budget phone users don’t have to feel left out as PUBG will run smoothly with average quality graphics and good internet.


PUBG Social

PUBG Mobile Social

PUBG’s multiplayer features are what make it really attractive. You can sign in with your Facebook account and add friends, who you can play games with. You can  even make or join clans. Team mates can communicate in-game with either the chatbox or an impressive voice chat. I say impressive because the voice chats are crystal clear and barely ever lag. Players can coordinate with the help of the voice chat and have one hell of an experience playing together.

Do you like PUBG Mobile? You can download it for Android or iOS. If you’re a fan of the gaming industry, check out the Top 5 Coolest New Technology we saw at Computex 2018 in Taipei!

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