Many countries from all over the globe struggle to recruit people for the healthcare sector. Subsequently, to overcome this problem, the US has provided a helping hand to lower down the burden of nurses and medics in a hospital. The hospitals in the US would start using a socially intelligent robot, known as Moxi. The robot can help the clinical staff in their day-to-day tasks. Moreover, robotic technology is helping some surgeons to perform precision surgery already. Diligent Robotics has now created Moxi to be the helping hand in the healthcare sector.

More details on Moxi:

The robot, which is supported by Artifical Intelligence, serves as a friendly assistant. Also, the robot uses its masterly hands and mobility to grasp medical tools or regenerate supply rooms. The design of the robot brings out a range of logistical task for nurses. Additionally, it helps the nurses of the hospital to get more time for interaction with patients. Moxi can even work in a high-stress environment. The creators of the robot have given a pleasing and cooperative personality to Moxi. Diligent Robotics describes Moxi as, “approachable and friendly.” And by seeing its cute LED- lit face and soft voice it seems true.

“Clinical staff balance patient care with massive loads of manual logistical responsibilities. As fetching and restocking supplies or getting up patients rooms for new admissions,” Diligent Robotics on their website said.”With an extra hand from Moxi, who autonomously completes manual logistical tasks end-to-end without any assistance. The clinical staff focus on what they want to do. And what they, as caring human beings are best at direct patient care.”

The robot promises to be a helping hand and can be specialized to fit each hospital needs. It’s exciting to see Moxi, a robot that will be a helping out at a hospital near you in the future.  As the developers believe, the work done by Moxi would increase the relationship between man and machine. They also believe Moxi will be able to build a trust between patients and hospital staff by maintaining AI’s use in healthcare settings.

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