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Samsung S-Ray (Sound Ray): Channeling the sound in your way.


Are you tired of untangling your earphones? Here is your answer Samsung S-Ray…

Samsung has unveiled a new kind of sound device Samsung S-Ray which allows you to listen to your favorite music without even disturbing your neighbors and also without putting those inside your ears.

Samsung’s new device is known as S-Ray (Sound Ray) it made its first appearance in CES 2018 at Las Vegas.

This speaker is not an ordinary Bluetooth speaker but a very handy one which can be carried around as a neckband, a smartphone cover or just like a miniature speaker.

Samsung S-Ray

The Samsung S-ray speaker is a directional speaker which can be connected to the Bluetooth of our smartphone skipping the need of plugging in those traditional 3.5mm jack earphone.

There are a plenty of Bluetooth speaker is on the market. So, how this one is different? This video explains it well.



The product is supposed to hit the market in the summer.

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