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Samsung to Unveil Its 5th Generation Technology & New VR products at MWC Americas in San Francisco!


Samsung to Unveil Its 5th Generation Technology & New VR products at MWC Americas in San Francisco:

Samsung Electronics will unveil its next generation portfolio comprised of a diverse range of 4G and 5G network solutions and Virtual Reality products which are already famous for the adventure sports experience (Samsung adventure sports VR) like sky diving, bungee jumping, wave surfing, skiing etc.

MWCA 2017

Samsung is Targeting the U.S. market during Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas 2017 in San Francisco September 12-14th. The new solutions to be introduced include User Experience-centric solutions providing diverse tools for perceived experience analysis and automation, massive MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) and small cell products that help operators advance the capacity of their existing LTE networks, and 5G technologies that will the doors for new operator revenue streams. Samsung will also show the live demonstrations of 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and massive MIMO – technologies that are likely to be commercialized in the coming years in the U.S. market. Samsung partners with Sprint for gigabit LTE.

                                                                        MWCA 2017


Samsung VR will cover a wide spectrum of options for users like VR fitness, VR adventure Sports, VR for business meetings, VR for employee safety at workplace etc. Samsung collaborates with Solo Protect, Reeme & Ability wearable to bring wearables to the workplace for improved employee safety & healthcare services. Samsung & VirZoom bring virtual reality to fitness centers for enchased customer experience.

New wearable solutions from SoloProtect, Reemo and Ability Wearables integrate with Samsung smart watches to accelerate wearables in the workplace. A virtual reality solution from partner VirZOOM provides new ways for fitness centers to enhance workouts through Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.

MWCA 2017

  • SoloProtect Increases Worker Safety: Through integration with Samsung Gear S3, this solution helps protect individuals working alone—such as real estate agents and home healthcare workers, as well as utility and transportation professionals—who may visit strangers’ homes or work in high-risk areas. SoloProtect provides round the clock monitoring and communication via SoloProtect’s Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC), along with geolocation, emergency alerts, and status-checks through GPS-enabled wearables. A Status Check can be activated by the lone worker, which provides key diagnostic information including GPS information, and a Red Alert can be initiated to instantly contact the EDC for emergency assistance.


  • Ability Wearables for Fatigue Management:  This helps solve fatigue-related challenges that impact businesses where employees often face long work shifts or physically demanding environments – ranging from trucking to construction to hospitals. Using Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear S3 biometric and GPS data delivered through Samsung’s wearable API platform, GearUP, Ability Wearables delivers real-time health intelligence, enabling employers to reduce operational risk through predicting and monitoring employee fatigue risk, and redeploying high fatigue workers to less strenuous work if necessary.


  • VR Fitness: Samsung is also spotlighting the VirZOOM VR Fitness platform at MWC, a B2B VR solution for fitness centers seeking to elevate the workout experience through virtual reality. Gym members mount a Life Fitness stationary exercise bike outfitted with the VirZOOM module and use Samsung Gear VR to immerse themselves in captivating games – including cycling experiences. Users move through a virtual world proportionately with their real world pedaling speed, while the handlebar’s resistance buttons are repurposed for gameplay. The solution utilizes a washable VR headset cover that is sanitized after each use. VirZOOM, Life Fitness, and Samsung GearVR can help fitness centers attract new customers and initiate vSports competitions, offering a differentiated gym experience.

MWCA 2017

  • Samsung Network Technology: Samsung’s vision is to drive the transformation of the current network architecture to one that is software-centric. A software-centric network is open-source based, establishes an automated network platform, and realizes new services and functions as Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs). This virtualized platform enables operators to adopt new services faster and in a more seamless manner. Furthermore, this unified network platform allows for simple, flexible and cost-effective network management as it supports the Samsung 4G and 5G vRAN and vCore as well as the functions of the existing legacy equipment.

MWCA 2017

  • Massive MIMO Solutions: To improve the efficiency of operators’ existing spectrums, Samsung is introducing the Samsung Massive MIMO Access Unit (MAU) based on advanced three-dimensional beamforming technology. Samsung will provide products fit for different environments with support for diverse frequency bands that can later be applied for 5G. As part of the exhibit, Samsung will demonstrate 24 mobile devices connected to a live 64T64R 2.5GHz massive MIMO radio and producing a total cell throughput of over 1Gbps.


  • Latest Small Cell Technologies: To cope with indoor coverage and traffic in the most effective way, including cost, there has been a noticeable increase in interest and discussions around small cell solutions across the industry. Samsung is spotlighting its latest small cell portfolio for home, enterprise, and outdoor environments. This also includes spectrums and technologies, like CBRS, LAA and WiFi, that cover LTE licensed as well as unlicensed.

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Commercialization and Beyond

Using the complete 5G end-to-end solution announced earlier this year at 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung will be demonstrating, live, the deployment process and actual 5G FWA service being deployed in consumer homes as part of an active U.S. Tier 1 operator trial. Visitors will be able to experience – via Samsung Gear VR – a live 360- degree camera view of an apartment powered by 5G FWA service. With 5G FWA commercialization expected in the U.S. in 2018, Samsung will highlight the next wave of 5G use cases such as consumer mobility in the sub-6GHz spectrum and 5G-powered autonomous vehicles.

                                MWCA 2017

It will be interesting to see what other tech giants like Apple, LG, SONY, Google, CISCO , Amazon etc will unveil for competing against Samsung.  For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Techie Scoops on TwitterFacebook, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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