Sleep is an important thing for every person in life. Be it students or grownups sleep is very important. Disturbed sleep disturbs the whole next day too and in turn, makes things difficult. Where now every problem is finding solutions in technology, researchers tried finding the solution to sleep. And they found it too. ASTI’s LectroFan Micro 2, SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band and Hupnos sleep mask will soon be your sleep companions.

Lack of sleep can lead to being a serious issue. This initially seems to be a very cool thing to do turns out to be dangerous later. Not everything that glitters is gold, right? Definitely, there are some lucky people that do not need anything to sleep. They can literally have a sound sleep sitting on their desk in the office or even the noises of traffic. But to those who struggle for a good sleep here is the answer.

ASTI’s LectroFan Micro 2

The ASTI’s LectroFan Micro 2 is a portable sound machine. It connects with your phone via Bluetooth and can play your favorite music, podcast or white noises. It is basically a little bedside speaker. This speaker radiates some of its general stored music in your direction.

It can work up to 40 hours once fully charged. The small size of it is an advantage of the ASTI’s LectroFan Micro 2. It can literally fit anywhere at your bedside. For people willing to spend a bit for an extra good sleep this is the best gadget. The gadget is estimated to be around 35$. This can be a great gift for your insomniac friend.

SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band

 The gadget is basically an attendant that makes sure you sleep on your side and not your back. It keeps tracking your sleeping position during the night. It also helps you stop or control snoring. The band had discreet sensors that are positioned to be around your chest while you sleep.

The snoring often increases when we lie on our back. To curb this problem of snoring the sensors are used. The sensors encourage you to move to your side, in turn, reducing snoring too. So next time you find your partner snoring you know what to do. The company hasn’t disclosed the cost and the exact working, but the gadget definitely seems a good thing.

Hupnos sleep mask

This gadget too wants you to stop snoring. Not because it disturbs other peoples sleep but it is dangerous to you too. Snoring is often caused due to lack of oxygen to the body. And we know what extreme lack of oxygen can lead to.

The mask pairs with an app. It listens to you while you sleep to make sure you aren’t snoring. The moment it detects some sound of snoring the built-in accelerometer is set to work. The built-in accelerometer determines the best sleeping position for the body and vibrates to make you shift to that position.

The mask is connected with an app that studies your sleeping and snoring patterns. The user can also feed in other factors like the habit alcohol too in the app that will help it to study. The mask is expected to be approximately 179$.


The gadgets help you to sleep better. By reducing your trouble with the sleep of the person with you. The gadgets are definitely a boon to the insomniacs. But they are also a good sleeping habit to the one who loves his sleep. After all early to bed and early to rise will make us healthy and wealthy and wise only if the sleep has been good.