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SMART VALLEY – The Silicon Valley on Blockchain

SMART VALLEY – The Silicon Valley on Blockchain

Silicon Valley is the startup capital of the world & the reason it’s called so is due to the environment it provides such as investors, skilled employees etc. What if all this was on the Blockchain & startups around the world could benefit from it to conduct a successful ICO, find partners as well as validate their product. Sounds interesting right? Then what is Smart Valley?

smart valley


What is Smart Valley?

It is a decentralized platform which is the center for investors, projects & field experts in a closed professional world to create cutting-edge technologies. The ecosystem gives its members an opportunity to raise investments, hire team members, find business partners & execute ideas from any part of the world.

Problems that startup face:

The chance of an innovative startup or project’s success is dependant on the level of the relationship between three main members: Backers, Projects & Experts. The level of the relationship is determined by how easily & efficiently the members interact with each other. Analysing facts & existing trends, this theory appears very reliable & serves as the basis for the project.

Smart Valley Model V/S Others


Why Smart Valley?

The creation of this ecosystem will be carried out in two steps. The first being the setting up of the key part of the platform- a decentralized scoring system. The second, setting up of the services – the safe-deal mechanism, the expert marketplace, and a backer tool.

The primary difference between the Smart Valley platform & its competitors is the priority it places on solving the issues on all the three key members. The model states that it is impossible to resolve a difficult issue by concentrating on just one member.

The competitive advantage of the project’s ecosystem is three of its services. It provides solutions for the problems of each of the three project member groups.


Smart Valley's focus on all 3 members

The Core Services offered by Smart Valley

1. Scoring system

This includes three main elements: decentralized scoring, a mathematical algorithm, & public wisdom. The decentralized scoring tool is one of the very important aspects of the platform, since it ensures the decentralized & transparent character of the system, making the project assessment process verifiable & efficient.

The other two elements of the scoring system allow for added functionality. It is designed to enhance the final result of the scoring.


Smart Valley Scoring System

 2. Experts market & Safe-deal mechanism

The safe-deal mechanism guarantees efficient transactions between clients & service providers. All projects (& companies) interact with experts & service providers by means of the experts market. In order to ensure the transparency & security of the system, all transactions are executed using this mechanism.

Members of the expert marketplace include professionals such as software developers, HR specialists & DLT experts. Thus, a project or company will be able to hire all service providers it requires. The effectiveness of relationship within the platform is supported by a rating system which is used to verify the experience & qualifications of each member.

3. Backer tool

The service allows projects to get published on the platform & raise financial resources. Since the target audience needed for a successful launch of a project is already present on the platform, it allows for a better control of the project marketing costs & facilitates the search for resources. The ecosystem is designed to help crowdfund projects that are in need of the listed services. In this way, it seeks to reduce the number of intermediaries involved in supporting innovations.

Smart Valley Services

Long-Term Importance of SMART VALLEY

  1. In the long term, Smart Valley is considering financing new specialists training, creating new college programs. This will raise the overall level of professionals & help to address the shortage of people in the DLT market.
  2. The suitable way to fund the training is by a special trust fund that will be funded using transaction fees paid by the ecosystem members. Initially, three main goals will be promoted: the creation of new college programs, the development of online training courses & hackathons.

The creation of new college programs will provide a long-term solution to the issue of lack of professionals in the DLT industry. This will also raise the qualification level of existing specialists.

Online courses:

Smart Valley believes in economic decentralization & strives to give everyone across the globe an opportunity to discover the distributed ledger technology & become a professional in this sphere.


Conducting hackathons gives a chance to test various theories, encourage interesting new projects, promote better professional performance & increase the spread of new technologies across the IT community.

About the SVT Token

The main function of SVT token is participation in the Allotment Event of free project tokens at the Free Token Place.

SVT Token Details

Advantages of SVT token to SVT holders

Access to the Allotment Event– an opportunity to obtain free tokens of member projects at the Free Token Place.

1. It is compulsory for the member project to make a certain number of its tokens available at the Free Token Place; this number must be equivalent to five times higher than the number of funds allocated by the Financial Center to finance the scoring of the foster project.

2. The number of financial resources that the member project plans to attract must not be below USD 500,000.

Possibility to obtain tokens of member projects with a higher survival rates

Survival rates of projects mean a project’s chances to complete its ICO successfully. The platform possesses a certain set of tools that help increase a project’s chances of survival and success. Some tools are – mandatory video of the ICO project’s founders, mandatory availability of an MVP or prototype, decentralized scoring.

Project Development Road-Map

Smart Valley Roadmap


Looking at this project one can easily say it has great potential to revolutionize the startup industry by making it decentralized & global. Go ahead research more on this and decide for yourself if you should join this revolution. We will recommend visiting the website to get detailed information the ICO, the important dates etc.

For detailed info on the ICO, visit the official website of Smart Valley Now-

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