Our minds always portray a human figure at the mention of robots. Ever thought why?? Things could be out of the box and still be real. We should think out of that box. Sometimes this out of the box solution is what we have really been waiting for all the time. Snake Robotics is something that came out of the box and now a reality we all wanted so long to be real.


We have seen Robots, in movies or at places that really need them. Robotics is specially deployed in the manufacturing industries. Here they help in tasks that a human can do but a lot of things would be compromised and which we don’t want to compromise. There are human-like robots too. They can talk, walk and they are at times more intelligent in specific domains. All it requires is the data and the programming needed to perform the task it has been designed for and it will be the best at that work.

Evolution in the field of robotics has brought something new to the table. This new invention is Robotic Snake.

Snakes can be a frightful thought to some, but this snake is actually solving a lot of problems. Inventors have combined two things that don’t seem to go together at first thought.


The Snake Robot, as the name suggests, has the body structure of a snake. This structure permits it more flexibility and hence it can squeeze into small spaces. There are places that are difficult to explore for Human Robots and Humans as well.

This is where Snake Robots come to the rescue. The robot mimics the movement of a slithering reptile. Because of this, we will be able to find structural problems in hidden places and perform minimally invasive surgery. Snake robots can also assist in detecting survivors in fragile search and rescue operations.

This is an interesting invention inspired by nature. It is just an incredible example of biomimicry, an intersection of Engineering, design, and biology.


Snake Robots have some incredible abilities and applications. There are various dangerous jobs which are performed by humans. Snake Robot could perform these tasks. It can also perform jobs which require access to small spaces. Snake Robot can assist in minimally-invasive surgery.

They are helpful in the inspection of plants and also in search and rescue efforts. There are a number of problems that humans face in various disciplines, snake robots seem to be the solution to not all but maybe some of those. 

We always find solutions to problems on the wrong side or the outer side. Instead, we should understand it first. Because solutions are always near to us but we ignore it. Just like this one that the researchers have found in nature. we have been watching snakes for centuries today but the use of the structure was known now.

Humans have solved many problems with clever inventions. there would be the time that nature around would hold the answers to our problems all that is required is the eye to understand the solution that is right in front of us. science and nature can go hand in hand one need not be destructive for the other because neither can live while the other parishes. 

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