Robot! A trend that will never go out of fashion. The rapid evolution of technology has led to the concern to learn about the upgrading outcomes of human creation. The robot is the creation of man, a masterpiece Sophia.
One of the most prominent, famed masterpieces is The social-humanoid robot, “Sophia”. Sophia is the invention of a Hong-Kong based company, “Hanson Robotics”. There were various other associates who helped in developing the humanoid automaton. The robot was brought into virtual life on April 19, 2015. Sophia’s physical features resembled the actress, Audrey Hepburn.The Manufacturer, David Hanson, claims that Sophia can adopt human mannerisms, and is able to display more than 62 expressions. There are much more magnificent traits that the humanoid robot possesses. Sofia’s sight is an inbuilt camera consolidated with computer algorithms. The robot is also able to process speech and have conversations using  Alphabet’s Google Chrome voice recognition technology and other tools. Sophia is programmed to have simple communications. She can answer to basic topics like “How’s the weather outside?” and “what time do I have an appointment?”.
Sophia made her first public debut at the South-West Festival (SXSW) in March 2016 upheld at, Austin, Texas, United States. The media broadcasted the recognition of the exclusive invention around the globe. The robot gave numerous high-profile interviews. Sophia took no time to fascinate the interviewers with her responses. It was the first man-made automaton to receive a Saudi Arabian citizenship in October 2017; the first robot to receive a citizenship status of any country. Sophia was identified as the United Nations Development Programme’s “First ever innovation champion”, and the first non-human to be given any United Nation’s title.
At present, there are many controversies and disputes about the human android robot. Some of the experts declare that Sophia is no outrage to anybody and is programmed to serve in sectors of healthcare, customer service, therapy, and education. They also mention that it is designed to be a suitable companion and could rescue a large number of the crowd at the time of any danger. On the other hand, there are people who do not accept the concept of Sophia. They consider it as a threat to the world and could turn against its creators heading to extreme damage. An AI professor assumes that there is a risk to proclaim the robot equivalent to humans. He also says, sooner or later, more robots like Sophia will come into existence and attain citizenship and acquire their rights as one. This may lead to an outburst of virtual intelligence dominating real intelligence.
Sophia is still in the process of undergoing various tasks and modifying programmes. There is no error or misfunctions in the robot. It is viewed as a significant effort of the man. This incredibly sophisticated, automated socio-humanoid robot can continue to astonish the world with its artificial intelligence and abilities to work with ease and a different outlook. For all the latest trends, tech news, & reviews follow us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook