Remember Joy Lobo from the movie 3 idiots?? The one who prepared drone camera or the one from the idea advertisement IIN “Good morning Mr. Sadu, eggs for you”. Yes, that was our first interaction with drones. Later on, drones came into use by photographers to cover huge areas and take photographs from heights. In short, for us, a drone was a device that mostly helped in the entertainment industry. But who knew these cute looking things would one day become so deadly! Drones are being used these days for surveillance in enemy areas and dropping bombs. These are military grade swarm drones.

What are swarm drones??

A group of unmanned aircrafts used for surveillance or attacks are known as swarm drones. These drones are managed by ground-based systems situated far away from where they operate or can also be pre-designed to perform a particular task. Using artificially intelligent machines during war has always been in the minds of futurists, but it always seemed to be a science fiction. With the advancement in drones and artificial intelligence, this science fiction seems more of a reality now. Usually, a single drone is enough but the more the deadlier.

Drones now

Drones have been in the picture for a long time but the trials for swarm drones have recently begun. First the US in 2015 then China in 2016 and the rest followed. Initially used for light shows and making beautiful patterns from them, these beautiful little creatures are monsters with an innocent face. Of course, it depends on the purpose. Big drones have been in use for a long time now. Their big size and slow speed make them easy targets. Easy to hit, easy to catch, easy to predict ownership and too costly to lose. On the contrary, the drones used in swarming are small, inexpensive, difficult to locate, are a tough target and can fly faster and higher. They also include GPS systems, digital cameras, laser range finders, RF data communicators, processors, batteries, engines, motors, altitude, and pressure sensors etc. it’s like getting a huge offer at a too affordable rate!!

These swarm drones behave much like the swarms occurring in nature, flying in groups and following patterns with the whole task divided among all, yeah sometimes too many cooks don’t spoil the broth but cook it faster. With all the developments the drones are going through, the day is not far when the military will launch drones as their most reliable weapons. They would be the easiest and the cheapest way to complete various missions and what more if they are self-destructive leaving no traces of their owner.


Drones will not only be destructive but also be constructive depending on the way of implementation. As like military, it is the same force that fights and helps during crises. Weapons are not just destruction their fear establishes peace too. Now it depends completely on the human minds how they decide to works.

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An Article By-
Shamli Vijay Deepali