Drive The Lightning Era: A Tesla Story:

“The time is right for electric cars – in fact, the time is critical.”

Is there anyone who fancies studying environmental science? It’s a subject that’s being taught to us since, well… I can’t really remember. I even have to study it in college! It’s the one and only subject that is totally focused on alternative energy sources. Talking of that, so far, we have achieved great success in the past decade regarding alternative energy. After all, that was the time when we actually realized that all the smoke and pollution doesn’t get transported to another dimension and out of our planet. Gradually, we began to realize that fossil fuel won’t last for eternity. Also, if we continue our petroleum-fueled journey at the current pace, our lungs will soon end up looking like burnt toast. So what is to be blamed?

Haha! No..  Sorry we can’t blame you.

Most people will instantly blame motor vehicles. After all, they are considered as the biggest culprits that pump out the grueling amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But consider this fact: vehicles, whether petrol of diesel, contribute to only 1.23 percent of planetary damage. Power plants can be blamed for almost 21 percent, and several other factors also exist. Well, we can’t really change powerplants (if anyone does, he will rule the world), so our only option is to change our vehicles. How would we do that? Simple. Just install the power system that runs our homes, in our vehicles. For the confused audience out there, here are your answer – electric vehicles (EV’s).


It had been done before. Numerous brilliant minds did think about introducing EV’s on the road. But their ambitious plans failed miserably. This risk was taken during the early days, so problems obviously arose. The biggest issue was refueling – people couldn’t really recharge their cars as recharge pumps were quite a rarity in those days. Secondly, peoples’ perception of EV’s just wasn’t that fancy. Electric cars were pictures as ugly looking, compact in size, and low in efficiency. But it doesn’t matter now. Greatness is always criticized in the beginning.


Now, here we are in the modern world. This is possibly the golden age of alternative energy. And what else will popularize this trend other than EV’s? In today’s world, electric cars are growing rapidly in popularity. No, I’m not talking about hybrid cars (they too are awesome, aren’t they?). I’m talking about cars that eat a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner of electricity. Gone are those days when Ev’s were looked down upon as if they were your nerdy introvert classmate. Electric cars have really managed to catch not only my eyes but also my heart. After all, they can be full of surprises.


Let’s take a looks at the modern features of modern EVs. Firstly, if you ever drive one, you will notice that they make an almost negligible sound. Due to the absence of pistons, no combustion takes place, so you experience a very quiet drive. For people with racing DNA, an electric motor can do wonders. The Testa Model S-P100D is one of the world’s fastest accelerating car, thanks to its electric heart. It goes from 0-60 mph in 2.27 seconds, and it zooms so fast ahead that it feels like a pro wrestler just dived on you while you were innocently sitting on your seat. This fact is due to highly minimized torque, again thanks to its electric heart, which reduces wheel spin-out considerably.

Apart from producing shoulder snapping g-force, an appreciable plus point for EV’s now is that their battery life has leveled up, with some being able to drive over 600 kilometers on a single charge. Amazingly, most of them can be charged up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Even my phone doesn’t charge that fast! As an added bonus, you could have a solar panel fitted on the roof of your house, which will produce electricity and send it directly to your garage, to your car. That’s what a small techie town in Illinois, named Bloomington, is doing, which has over 300 electric cars in it. Charging on the go is no longer a major issue now, at least not in the USA.

Petrol pumps have started including car charging ports. With a small engine, comes big space. Cars like Tesla have enormous space for passengers. And due to the absence of traditional combustion engines, luggage can be fit both in the back end AND in the front end. That’s right, where there was supposed to be an engine, there is now a completely hollow space. The aesthetics of most electric cars are very appealing, which is perhaps a solid reason to buy one.

The interior is very soothing too, with many EV’s consisting of just a/c and a huge touch screen embedded in the dashboard. Talk about ergonomics. Another very unique feature is the intelligent auto-drive, which is included in a few EV’s only. Perhaps safety is what sets electric cars far apart from conventional vehicles. For example, if you google the accidents of a Tesla, you will find that in almost all the cases, including fatal ones, the driver survived. It is also a well-known fact that while conducting a safety test on a Tesla, the testing machine itself got damaged after unsuccessfully trying to crush the car’s roof. So it’s no surprise that the Tesla Model S scored 5.4 in the NHTSA test that’s ranked on a scale of one to five only!


But anything that has pros also has cons, and in the case of electric cars, the pros outweigh the cons. Electric cars haven’t completely adjusted among us. Although I have said that charging on the go is no longer a major issue, it still is an issue, which in itself is an issue. Secondly, and minorly, since they don’t make any noise, you wouldn’t know when one of them creeps up behind you. I must say, that could be a hilarious way to prank your friend until the even more ‘hilarious’ consequences show up. Third, they are expensive as hell. That applies only to the best ones having a long driving range, as the Tesla Model S has a price tag of $80,000 to $100,000. But the future of EV’s is bright as the sun. They will soon become affordable and common as petroleum runs out.

I really wish they make their impact in high population countries like India and China. After all, not many people are familiar with EV’s in India, so they could become trendsetters if they are lucky enough. But it’s not all about luck.

We could change the way we utilize energy if we are really passionate about it. If our government shows positiveness towards it, then we can make our country, and every other country, an electric country. I believe, that starting from a small town in Illinois, electric vehicles can make their way to the entire world. That way, we will be playing our part in at least preventing 1.23 percent of junk from reaching our precious atmosphere. So, I present the final conclusion here – the automobile industry is ready for a major revolution. The question is, are you?

(P.S. – So many electric cars exist out there, but I mainly stuck to Tesla in this article because it is the best one, and my favorite. Even Elon Musk drives one!)

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