Artificial intelligence as we all know is an amazing and a whole new level of craziness. It is a whole different world. And it is a known fact that nothing in this world is permanent. Artificial intelligence is no exception. There is a boom in the AI, suggests the second annual AI¬†report. Let’s take a further look into the changing face of AI

Some experts from universities of Harvard, MIT, Stanford, the nonprofit OpenAI, the partnership on the AI industry consortium say, the goal is to measure the field’s progress using hard data and to check the use of it at work places.

what reports say

The report published in last December suggested about unprecedented growth in investments and work in AI. Although, sectors like limited gaming and video have been extraordinary. AI is yet to take over the tasks of general automation. It performs tasks that are not just limited variety of jobs. Although, this report didn’t have what can be called a “global perspective”.

The report of 2018 said that, the report of 2017 was heavily focused on the North American continent. It didn’t focus on the number of global partnerships and was thus biased. They also mentioned, that they do understand that it is a long road ahead and that they must consider all the global partnerships.

The report, true to its word focused more on the global aspects of commercial and research of AI. Apparently, Europe, Asia – especially China, Japan and South Korea have been exceptional. Europe gave 28% of the paper that came about AI.

AI widens its range

The most work in terms of research and papers comes in the field of machine learning and so called probabilistic realistic that apparently is cognitive based and makes sure the AI wins in games against human intelligence.

After that comes closely following, computer vision. Which is the most basic, integral part and sub-discplin of AI that is helping self driving cars, and augmented reality, object recognition and neutral networks.

It also funnily tells how China is investing more on agricultural science, engineering and technology, whereas Europe and North American continents are more focused on health sciences, humanities and medical fields.

As Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon are based in American continent, it isn’t surprising that they invest more in the research than Asia.


Research in all fields are on a boom everywhere all over the globe. AI being the new necessity is a huge market. The research and investment in it is immense already and is growing by the day. Hence, the report concluded saying, “Questions like profitability, labour regulations, unionization and corporate social expectations will be at least as important as technical constrains in determining in which jobs are getting automated”.