The blockchain industry in general and cryptocurrency exchanges in particular today have to deal with a number of issues that hinder further crypto development. Fake trading volumes, security problems, uncertain regulators’ policies and so on. All these problems are intertwined, but all market participants are trying to solve them separately, and without coordinating their efforts. Of course, the effectiveness of this approach leaves much to be desired. 


Fortunately, the situation is changing. The Conference Exchanges brings together all the key participants of the cryptocurrency market so that they can work together to develop solutions to the key industry problems.


The main goal of the conference is to ensure creation of a network between traders, regulators, exchanges, market makers, liquidity providers and solution developers for the crypto market. Only in this way it is possible to develop effective mechanisms for solving problems and ensuring further development of the blockchain sphere.


Among speakers: Huobi, OKEx, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi, EXMO, Bitfinex and others. 


The conference participants will discuss the most important issues for the further work of cryptocurrency exchanges and all those who are connected with them:


  • Licensing opportunities and limitations in external jurisdictions
  • Ways to increase liquidity 
  • Measures against fictitious trading volume
  • Ways to improve exchanges profitability 
  • New markets and criteria for selecting exchanges for listing projects
  • Security problems
  • And many other crypto market problems


Why participate in the Conference Exchanges


The Conference Exchanges brings not only benefits to the common cause, but also purely practical benefits for all its participants.


Networking. The largest specialized event for cryptocurrency market professionals is a great opportunity to make useful acquaintances with colleagues and people from related fields from around the world. Connections developed at the conference will give you a huge advantage in your future work.


New knowledge. The Conference Exchanges gathers leading cryptocurrency experts from all over the world. And experts are invited from both “sides of the barricades”: representatives of regulators, exchanges management, experienced traders, large market makers and so on. So you are guaranteed to learn something new and useful.


Opportunity to present your products and ideas. In addition to new acquaintances,you will get a unique opportunity to present your ideas to the best crypto professionals. You will be able not only to declare yourself, but also to receive valuable feedback which will allow to bring your idea to perfection.


More information about event you could find here: https://theconference….exchange/