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The Crypto Con 2018 – Press Release: Asia’s Biggest Gathering of Crypto and Blockchain Experts


“1st Cryptocurrency conference brought top cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts from the region and globally in Mumbai.”

The Crypto Con 2018 focused on the top developments, challenges and solutions by the leading thought leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain who converged in Mumbai over thought-provoking keynote presentations and interactive sessions and we were the part of this conference.

23rd March 2018, Mumbai: The cryptocurrency, without any doubt, is going to change the world as we see it. Increasingly, the countries all over the world have started acknowledging the cryptocurrencies as the elephant in the room and one of the biggest technology disrupt on since Internet. The magnitude of change being brought by the cryptocurrencies is evident with recent G20 summit discussing the regulations to be brought forward to regulate cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Con 2018

The Crypto Con 2018, was the first focused conference on the crypto landscape and developments took place in India. The conference saw several important keynotes from companies including Throughbit Technologies, Market Space, Zecoex, IOTA foundation, Mauritius Ethereum Alliance, ShipNext, Gladage,, BitClave, Unocoin, Fund Platform and Olam Foundation.

The Crypto Con 2018

Per Lind, IOTA founder

The keynote was delivered by Joshua Hawley, founder of Mauritius Ethereum Alliance who spoke about Regulatory Framework Challenges of Increased Taxation of Profits and Barriers to Adoption. The other top insights came from Abhishek Gopal, Co-founder & CEO of Throughbit Technologies who spoke about the Role of Blockchain for Consumers and Ivan Kurnavin from Market Space spoke about A Decentralized Host Aggregator for Secure and Reliable Storage.

Evan Luthra, CSO of broadly elaborated on the effect of blockchain on the major world challenges followed by Sunny Kapoor, CEO of Gladage who addressed the audience on the possibility of challenges faced by aging population across the world.

From insights to interactions, the conference provided the crypto enthusiasts, blockchain prisoners, potential investors in digital space, crypto trading professionals and crypto exchanges to brainstorm their major bottlenecks, potential investment options and solutions to some of the major business challenges.

The Crypto Con 2018

The next event in the series will be hosted across different cities including Manama, Singapore, Toronto, Lagos, Dubai, and Moscow. For all the latest trends, tech news, & reviews follow us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook & Do Subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest articles directly to your Inbox.

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