AI has brought the word not few but many steps ahead of time and space. There was a time when humans did everything, there is a time when humans don’t do even half of what they did, and there will be a time when humans will hardly do anything. All this because of the tremendous technological advancements that the man has made. But, but’s always are the pin to the balloons. We need to understand why AI will never overcome HI (Human Intelligence). The fight isn’t to move ahead, the fight is Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence.

The basic definitions

AI or Artificial Intelligence is basically a Technological science that tries to think and act like humans. It is Artificial, a dummy, and there is always a fine line that sets the original apart.

Human intelligence is no science or technology. It is a sense of logic that any human develops with time. Learning from situations and experiences. It has no defined equation or formula.

Intelligence and skills

There have been examples in the recent past that the AI was able to write poetry and develop lyrics for a song. The point here was technically the songs or the poetry was correct. But if we go into the depths of their meanings they are almost near to pointless.

There is a difference in having the knowledge and having the skill to do something. AI can possess the intelligence to do a task but that definitely does not mean it will have the skill. Anyone can find how to design a car. The information is available on the internet. But actually designing a car is a skill not many have been able to master.

AI learns from the learning dataset and prepares something new from the old. It cannot make something out of the box because it simply cannot. To make something new inspired by something else or that just come from a thought is the ability of Human Intelligence. Hermoine knew all the theory of flying a broom but still, she couldn’t, whereas Harry did it without difficulty. This was because it was his skill and not intelligence.

There might be instances when AI will do some task more efficiently but that cannot be called to be skilled. There are limitations to what the AI can do.

Work and leisure

There is a concept that once AI or robots for that instance take up the complete working areas humans will have no work to do at all. But there is a small flaw in this thought process. Humans don’t like the work when they don’t like when they are doing. In conditions when they love the thing are doing they love their work.

Humans don’t want an escape from work, what they want is escape from the work they don’t like doing and for this purpose they have developed the AI. AI can definitely make lives easy and help humans live a luxurious life. But AI can never be the replacement for man. There are places that require human intelligence because it requires more than just intelligence.


We have done a lot with AI and we can still do a lot more. AI solved a lot of our problems and will also do so in future but Human Intelligence has no replacement what so ever.