#10YearChallenge has been a recent and fabulously successful trend on social media. This definitely isn’t the first trend to create a wave but it is definitely one of the few that gave rise to a lot more than just fun. 10 years changes a lot in person. From age to features everything undergoes a change. But besides the fun part, there is a lot behind the “just a trend” #10YearChallenge. The story behind #10YearChallenge shows a different story altogether.

What is #10YearChallenge?

#10YearChallenge is a trend that is believed by many to be user-formed. In this trend, users made a collage of two photos. Out of which one is from 2009 and the other is from 2019. This college is posted with the #10YearChallenge hashtag.

The story behind #10YearChallenge

Though Facebook denies any involvement in starting this trend a particular part of the population believes it to be the source. It is long known to all the users that Facebook is constantly trying to make itself better and bigger even at the cost of compromised security. Facebook already has huge data of photos of over millions of people around the world. Then why did it need to start this trend?

It is rumored that Facebook has created a facial recognition machine learning algorithm that will be studying the aging process. Although Facebook already has the data to train its ML algorithm it would always be better to have comparative data in the dataset. The comparison is always better when two things are seen at the same time.

Why know what has changed?

For the users, it is just a trend but for the world, it is a whole data of photos. These photos will be studied by the machine learning algorithm and a lot of data can be derived from it. Say the trends in fashion and lifestyle of a particular region can easily be studied. Also how the facial features tend to change with age and time will be available.

This data can be used for various reasons. To predict trends in the future as an example. Also, the changes that age brings can help to know how a criminal might look after a specific period of time. There are cases when the security systems are carrying with them years old photos. In such cases even if the person crosses paths with them it would be difficult to recognize.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The #10YearChallenge has definitely given people momentarily happiness. It is good to cherish memories and see oneself change. 

But this happiness is providing huge data that can be used against you if not protected. It would be like being caught by your own home security system because it thought you were an intruder.

This data can be sold to many and they can use it in even more ways. It might just end by predicting the future or can go as far as growing the market by spreading the fear of a future (unknown definitely but predicted).


There are trends that come like a breeze of air and there are some that come like a tsunami. There are some that go unnoticed and there are some that come to stay. This one particularly was here to stay maybe not in the visible areas but somewhere. It is upon us where we rest our trust. The #10YearChallenge gave us happiness but at the cost of a lot more, we didn’t really know.