It feels really bad when the time comes to leave our loved ones, to go far from them by place. It is the most heartbreaking thing for everyone. That thought really touches that we cannot see our loved ones regularly like we used to, and technology made it possible. Yes, Video call is the solution for long distance relations. We can talk to anybody who has the same application or video call service in their device. Obviously, it needs the internet. So we can be close to our long distance one.

Problems we face while the video call

Video call is a very attractive feature that has attracted almost universal users. But there are some issues with this service, the video chat services of iPhone, iPad, Mac devices have server problems. Otherwise, the problems with video calling, especially when one caller is in low connectivity spaces are dismal fiber connectivity and inadequate spectrum. This can get compounded by a surge in data consumption at specific times that lead to network congestion.

What affects video calling

There are fibre networks which are absolutely essential for stable and swift data flow. There are some countries like China or Singapore have 75-80% of their telecom towers connected to fiber. But in India the number is very less, it is 20%. Because of this, they face stiff challenges in effectively managing data traffic, which affects video call experience.

Not only this but also data plans that offer low uploads and download speed also add to a poor video calling experience. It also includes dropping calls. Mostly this happens during face time or Whats App video calls.

Given the poor fiber connectivity coupled with low intra-city fiber infrastructure penetration in India. India is ensuring a stable video call without drops is a challenge as data transmission primarily happens over microwave networks, which is not as stable and has higher latency levels.

Latency problems

Latency is a problem or a cause we experience the delay or low speed. The Latency of the network is a measure of the delay a user experiences when their computer or smartphone tries to access an internet server. If the latency network is lower the speed becomes higher, and vice versa. The problems we get while FaceTime video calling, latency can be an issue behind this.

To improve Video call quality

There are some issues India is facing about network, for that India needs to invest much more in intra-city fiber infrastructure to video call quality. India needs to stop dropping of video calls and for that India needs at least 70-80% of the fiberized tower base.

Targets to achieve

India is the second highest country in the population list. Indians are expected to make 94.1 million minutes of video calls in 2019. Over 26% higher than in 2018, and nearly higher than in 2017. It’s according to data from DMMI, a Bangalore-based telecom, and technology research firm.

India is the largest market for Whatsapp video calling globally. Because the users made some 50 million minutes of video calling every day in 2017 on messaging app. Even the people cannot get the real feel from video calls, it at least makes us smile.