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Smart Traffic Monitoring System With Deep Learning


“Take the alternate route to your office today. The usual way has too much traffic.” maps said early in the morning. Traffic is the issue of almost all the countries today. And the traffic monitoring system is the only way out. But isn’t depending completely on TMS a bit difficult? Well, it definitely isn’t like all the people follow all the rules that were made but that isn’t our area of concern. What we want is a smart TMS now. TMS is now using Wi-Fi and deep learning to get smarter.

What is TMS?

A Traffic Monitoring System (TMS) is the most important element in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The traffic varies according to the time of the day. The traffic is high during the day and goes down at night. Due to this reason, the adoption of TMS is very important. The traffic signal timings need to be managed according to the traffic. For this reason, TMS is important.

TMS are present at various points in the country or basically any place that has roads. It collects data including information regarding the number of a vehicle, its density, speed, and vehicle class to improve safety and efficiency.

How TMS works?

The TMS system uses a CCD camera. The CCD camera is mounted to view the rear of moving vehicles appearing in a distance. This distance is from the viewed span to the stop-line of the crossroads. The timing of the traffic light can be adjusted according to the estimated traffic flow. The traffic flow is based on the video that the CCD camera captures. Here the gaps between the vehicles are used to determine the density of vehicles in the camera span. This system enables us to have a simple and efficient traffic monitoring system.

The major problem with such a system is its installation cost. It costs almost 25,000$ for the installation in a rural area. The cost increases with the place and traffic rate.

To overcome this cost issue researchers have now developed a low cost but efficient system. The new systems use Wi-Fi and deep learning.

Working of the new system

The new TMS deployed sensors and wireless communication using method. This brought the cost to a much less level. The system uses Wi-Fi to transmit the Channel State Information (CSI) and deep learning to train the vehicle classification model. The model is based on the effectively processed CSI data.

The CSI channel transmits information regarding changes caused by passing vehicles. It also transmits the variations in the environmental noises. The system uses this data as input for effective vehicle classification. Researchers performed rigorous experiments using the combination of parameters to train the Convolutional neural network (CNN). This model will increase the accuracy and efficiency of classification.

What next?

The new technology developed aims to solve the problem of traffic in the urban as well as rural areas. And with reduced cost, the deployment of the new Traffic Monitoring System will be easy and effective.


The new Traffic Management system aims to make the traffic issue sorted and easy to handle. With the use of Wi-Fi and Deep Learning the systems efficiency and the cost, both have come more or less to the optimum levels.

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