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Top 5 Coolest New Technologies at Computex 2018


The largest IT tradeshow in Asia, Computex, ended their 2018 run on the 9th of June with some very interesting hints at upcoming technologies in the computer industry. Computex is the world’s biggest, craziest and most colorful gathering of gamers, nerds, tech enthusiasts and businessmen. Think ‘Burning Man’, but with less unwashed hippies and more pocket-protected IT geeks. If you’ve recently lost a geeky family member or friend, swing by Computex before filing that missing persons report – they’re sure to turn up! And while you’re there, here’s some of the things you’ll see…. (well, not anymore because it ended, but you get the point.)

1. Asus Project Precog

Computex 2018: ASUS Project Precog

Spec Sheet

  • Dual-Screen Laptop
  • Artificial Intelligence powered Keyboard.
  • Intel i9 Processors.
  • Opens out completely with 180o flexibility
  • Expected release: Mid-2019

Need I say more?

2. AI Translators.

Computex 2018: Huawei AI Translator

“Here is a miracle device that instantly translates anything. Also, it looks like that iPod we all had back in school” – Huawei Executive, probably

Ever traveled to a foreign land and felt completely stupid while struggling to piece together sentences in their strange, alien tongue? Aside from countless stereotypical tropes in pop culture, the language barrier can pose some genuine problems when in a foreign place. Imagine not being able to tell the cops where that purse-snatching, two-bit thief went. Or, not being able to explain to a doctor that you ate some weird street food yesterday and that’s why you’re in the emergency room at 2 in the morning sweating profusely and redder than a tomato. Well, that’s soon going to be a thing of the past. A new AI powered translation device from Huawei was spotted at Computex this year. It supports 32 international languages and can translate extremely fast. The translator can accept text input or even voice input with almost zero lag. So, if you can’t lay off the street food on your next vacay, at least you’ll know the local term for ‘explosive diarrhea’.

3. ROG Phone

Computex 2018: ROG Phone

Put your hands up if you’re going to end up using this amazing gaming phone, to play Candy Crash Saga. Come on, you know you are!

Spec Sheet

  • Snapdragon 845 Processor
  • Air Triggers
  • Virtual shoulder buttons
  • Bat-mobile like looks

Finally, a powerful dedicated platform for smartphone gamers – if the gaming community ever accepts smartphone gamers as anything but noobs, that is.

4. VAIO Laptops

Computex 2018: Vaio S11 & S13You heard it right folks, Vaio is getting back into the game. After dropping that ‘Sony’ prefix, Vaio has launched the S11 and S13 laptops, making a re-entry into the market. Computex was packed with surprises but this was, by far, the biggest one. These new just-Vaio (Damn it feels weird to say that) laptops sport Intel i9 processors and a solid spec sheet. Vaio is really going for a dramatic Bollywood-style entry back into the market.

*cue random, but perfectly synchronized, street dancers*

5. Cooler Master’s Crazy Pod Chair

Computex 2018: Cooler Master Pod Chair

Here’s how Cooler Master’s last product meeting went:

CEO – We need new products. Any ideas?

Employee 1 – Lets make a gaming PC.

Employee 2 – No, lets make a whole gaming setup for your room.

Intern – Screw that. Lets make it even smaller and smush it onto a futuristic-looking chair!

CEO (while stroking a cat) – Get this man a corner office. Right Now!

Spec Sheet

  • Rotating Axle
  • Front-eye level affixed screen
  • Inbuilt Power Extensions.
  • Beautiful LED Decor.
  • Recliner chair.
  • Table Top under screen.
  • And, Cup Holders. CUP HOLDERS!

While science hasn’t given us Back to The Future’s hover boards yet, we no longer need them! Why fly around on a hover board, when you can sit around in the Cooler Master Crazy Pod Chair? Obesity, here I come!

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Vishwajeet Ranade
[1] Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer(University Of Pune, India) [2] Software developer (SAP ABAP/JAVA/C++ etc.). [3] Microsoft Certified Technology Associate in Security Fundamentals. [4] IBM badge in Blockchain Essentials [5] IBM badge in Blockchain Developers Course [6] Trained in Biofield imaging technology from Centre Of Biofield Sciences (Affiliated to institute of complementary Medicine, UK) [7] Blockchain Researcher [8] Researcher in Image Processing, Audio technology and Physics

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