Cyber warfare has become the latest point of interest for many global scenarios. May it be WiKileaks or Syrian elections. Cyber security is the hottest topic glbally. Here are Top 5 hacker groups when it comes to cyber world.

1] Anonymous.

This a group of “Hacktivists” who work to turns the table on unethical people. Hence, this makes them very popular among politicians, corporates and black hat hackers[Sarcastically]. Anonymous has hacked pentagon and has broken paypal to pay back WikiLeaks. Because of this nature, Anonymous is a feared hacker community.

2] Lizard Squad

A slapstick hackers group responsible for hacking into Sony, microsoft, Malysian Airlines etc. The group posted ISIS flag on Sony’s website after an attack. As a result few people were arrested in USA and UK.

3] Global Hell

This group hacked into United States Army website and left a note “Global Hell Will Not Die”. As a result the founder, Patrick Gregory had to admit his crime. Reportedly this group has caused $2.5 Million loss by hacking. Hence, it may not be a global hell but it is really a cyber hell for sure.

4] The Level Seven Crew

Dante’s Inferno had a mention of seventh level of existance as hell. This name is said to be inspired from there. They hacked into US embassy portals. As a result they were disbanned in 2000.

5] TeaMp0isoN

The spelling of the name is so immature, just like the kid who founded this crew. The 16 year old kid went by name “TRicK”. The group is said to have busted into NATO, facebok and Tony Blair’s email.

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