Here are the top 5 wild military grade technologies which might be used in worldwide ops soon.

1] PHASR Gun

Personal halting and simulation response rifle [PHASR] is developed by United States Department Of Defence. It can temporarily blind the target using non lethal laser application.

2] ADAPTIV invisibility devices

A hexagonal plate which can help thermally camoflauge a defence vehicle. It was developed by BAE systems AB.  These plates change temperature according to surrounding which keeps them undetected to thermal sensors.

3] Space Based Laser 

A laser grid-lock system to establish a defence from hypersonic missiles. Space based laser operation will be a major part of this system.

4] Flybot

An insect sized drone developed by United States Air Force in collaboration with Harvard university. It will be used for surveillance.

5] Extreme Accuracy Tasked ordnance [EXACTO]

Fire and forget smart-bullets developed by Lockheed Martin and Teledyne Scientific and Imaging for DARPA[Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency].

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