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“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.”

But it happens to be the very recent Affair.

Every year, the team of futurists, analysts, and consultants in Frost Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Group takes a pause from looking at 10-year horizons and comes together to identify the trends that will make the biggest impact in the coming year.

Their prediction from last year was particularly accurate in assertions regarding the Fintech revolution, augmented reality, the cyber battlefront, millennial power, online marketplaces, and a jobless future.

This Years i.e 2K17’s Top 17 are listed below. This will give you a keen knowledge about what’s happening next in the world of technology.

#17 Level-3 Autonomous Vehicles Take Off

An announcement of launching the first level-3 autonomous vehicle has come into their knowledge. Level-3 Autonomous Vehicles are the vehicles that are able to fully take over from the drivers.


 #16 Space Exploration Takes Off

Searching outer space. For centuries, humans had dreamt of reaching outer space. Better rockets made it possible in the 20th century. On October 4, 1957, the former Soviet Union launched the Sputnik I, which was the first artificial satellite.


#15 Drone Deliveries Take Off

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) utilized to transport packages, food or other goods. A convenience store order marked the first commercial drone delivery in 2016. With Amazon expected to complete its first drone delivery in the UK and Walmart expected to begin deploying them in the US next year, 2017 will be a turning point for the skies.


#14 Rise of the Halal Economy


“For Australia, this is particularly interesting because we do a lot of international trade with these countries. Not only in the Middle East but also Malaysia.”

Say’s Dr Kerstin Steiner

Islamic principles not only affect the banking and finance sector. They are applicable to all economic activities. In Islam, activities are categorized into halal. It is composed to become a competitive force in international trades.

#13 China Becomes a Hyper-robotic Society

China made itself the biggest robotic market on the globe, despite lagging far behind industrialized peers in robotic density.


#12 Data-as-a-Service Explosion

Big Data as a service is the delivery of statistical analysis tools or information by an outside provider that helps organizations understand and use insights gained from large information sets in order to gain a competitive advantage.


#11 The Mainstreaming of Augmented Reality for B2B

Last year 2k16 announced the mainstreaming of augmented reality, epitomized by the huge success of Pokémon GO. Now, we expect to see that success translate into the mainstreaming of augmented reality for business-to-business applications.


#10 Horizontal Realization

The digital revolution is breaking down vault. Cross-pollination between functional roles, products, and industries will hit its stride in 2017.

#09 Cognitive is the New Smart

5683348_origWhat was once “smart” is now “cognitive.” We are witnessing relatively simple smart devices such as meters, lighting, or machines evolve with artificial intelligence enhancements that provide more sensory, context-aware, and complex capabilities. Cognitive technology is driving this evolution with self-learning abilities modeled on the human brain. Savvy organizations will embed cognitive capabilities into their products and solutions in 2017.

#08 IoT Platforms become a Commodity

2017 will be the year of the platform play. Every industry and organization that is not currently in the market with a platform will develop one. As these platforms proliferate, commoditization will begin to set in, leading to ever-greater efforts for differentiation. Image By - IoT Analytics#07 The Industrial IoT Ecosystem Play

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to offer business value that goes beyond operational cost savings. Providers in the IoT ecosystem have a largely unexplored opportunity to develop compelling IoT solutions that explore how the ability to collect and analyze disparate data, in real-time and across time, might transform the business. These developments will play out within and across enterprises, offering opportunities for sustained value creation and even disruption for those who can imagine possibilities beyond the incremental.

ecosystem#06 IoT Pivots to Sentient Tools

As IoT goes mainstream, companies will turn their focus to sentient tools. Sentient tools are aware of their context, environment, and social interactions. As technologies such as cloud-based AI, collaborative robots, and ever-more sophisticated machine-learning algorithms begin to converge.


#05 Increasing Global Isolationism

Trump trade policies, BREXIT, and political positioning in Asia have marked a global shift toward isolationism that we can expect to have significant effects on trade and immigration policies around the world.


#04 Impact of BREXIT

Another surprise political shift in 2016, the exit process is expected to commence by March and negotiations to begin before the end of 2017. Multiple relationship models between the UK and the EU have the potential to develop, but the uncertainty surrounding the outcome may drive inflation up, British currency and GDP down.


#03 The Global Impact of President Trump

The surprise win from this US presidential candidate is likely to upend past trade norms and traditional global relationships. While NAFTA changes may not be as dramatic as the Trump campaign promised, expect notable shifts in US relationships with Asia and Europe. Based on what Trump can do unilaterally, there is likely to be a significant pullback in current environmental policies, growth in the US energy sector, and strengthened trade partnerships between Asian countries.


#02 From Smart Homes to Connected Living Solutions

In 2016 we saw the emergence of Apple Home on iPhone home screens, the launch of Google Home, and a line expansion of Amazon Echo, bringinsolutions-mts-connectedliving-300x300g together disparate smart home devices into cohesive eco-systems. Partnerships that expand these ecosystems will be the short-term focus, but the strength of each company’s AI will ultimately determine the connected home winner. Amazon Echo shows the advantage in the short term, but we’ll be look-ing for strong improvements in Google Home and an Apple Home device launch.

#01 AI Personal Assistant Race for Dominance

With the launch of Google Assistant, a cross-device move for Apple’s Siri onto Macbooks, and an expanded product line for Amazon Alexa taking place in 2016.


Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 Resolution: Build an AI to run his House and it is finally done! The perfect example for AI Personal Assistant Race for Dominance.

Concluding the 1st Article of 2k17. This article was written with contribution from Principal Consultant Lauren Martin-Taylor and the Visionary Innovation Group at Frost & Sullivan based on new research being developed for the forthcoming “Top 17 Trends for 2017” analysis. Thanks to Sarwant Singh, Contributor @Forbes.

Coming up next 17 0f 2k17: The Enterprise techie trends.

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