Transform Maharashtra

Transform Maharashtra: Agora (Social Media for development)

Transform Maharashtra: Agora (Social Media for development)

Transform Maharashtra: Agora – Social Media for development.

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Changing your own perspectives will not only transform you but also the whole world.


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Since time immemorial, young men and women have spearheaded the transformational change needed in Society. Indian history provides some great examples like the pre-independence Swadeshi Movement, the JP Movement of the 1970s and the India Against Corruption Movement in recent times. Without prejudice, the youth have always questioned the status quo and taken a stand on issues that matter from human rights to freedom of expression.

With the advent of increased media coverage and interaction, the means of involvement of the youth may change but the underlying intention to be the frontrunner of change for the better doesn’t. More than 35% of the population is in the active age group of 16 – 35 years who abound in ideas and suggestions for the betterment of their Nation. What is the need of the hour is a credible platform for them to share their ideas and have meaningful dialogue with the leaders and policy makers in the Government? At the Action for Collective Transformation, they realize this is a gap and, after talks with multiple stakeholders, have designed a unique initiative, ‘Transform Maharashtra: Platform for Youth to Create a Roadmap of Developed Maharashtra by 2025’.

Transform Maharashtra provides an opportunity to college students in Maharashtra to put their heads together and come up with policy and/or program level solutions to 11 critical challenges being faced by the State at present. These solutions should be implementable by the Government.

A group of Enthusiasts pursuing their bachelor’s degree from  Ajeenkya D.Y Patil University, Pune accepted one of the challenges out of those 11 given by the government and came up with the stunning solution.

The problem statement of their idea is about Citizen involvement, participation, and anticipation in governing systems minimal, resulting in opacity between The Government and Citizen followed by the scope, causes and the reason for selecting this particular cause.

They say, “India is a democratic country with the second largest population and largest young population in the world.This can be used as a resource when their participation in governance is increased. This can be done by creating a platform where the area’s elected representatives and the citizens can establish the dialog for the development of that area as well as keep track of various development plans taking place in that area.We suggest building a mobile app with the features mention in the slides”.

The Whole concept and even the title gives a quick idea that it is something related to technology, mobile applications, and social media is already mentioned. So below is the perfect explanation of AGORA application and its features.

Transform Maharashtra

Well, the perfect PDF will be provided at the end of this article if you readers want to know little more about AGORA APP and the complete idea.

The brief proposed solution with the precise comparison between the dream app and few of the existing things such as Gov Website and the Aaple Sarkar App. Implementation & Impact of the solution, Strengths & weaknesses of the solution and even the Challenges and migration factors are mentioned magnificently.

They have successfully reached till the platform they deserve i.e. Transform Maharashtra and now to let their dream turn into reality every individual should contribute simply just by VOTING them.

[Update: The Competition has been successfully ended. Thanks for your support! – Stay tuned]


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The entire project has been presented by Ajeenkya D.Y Patil University’s School of Information Technology students.

A sustainable change can only be brought when Government leverages the intellect and energy of the young say Transform Maharashtra and these young minds. AGORA – Team Leader Rakesh Kadam  & the team members Shankar Pawar, Harshad Darekar, Navnath Gavade, Ganesh Raut and Aditya Kadlak keep the power somewhere inside them to change the world.

So, that’s it for today readers. Best wishes are with them just VOTE and let them bring a little change in this wonderful world to make it ultimate.

You can simply VOTE by Scanning the QR Code.

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[Update: The Competition has been successfully ended. Thanks for your support! – Stay tuned]

Transform Maharashtra

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Now, its Sounds easy right. Haha! Just go and vote.

Coming up next is a guest blog on ‘Electric Cars’ because the time is right for electric cars – in fact, the time is critical.

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