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Audio messages via laser: a new way of communication


‘You have a voice message’ the phone informs and we all run to grab our earphones. The usual ways of transmitting voice messages are via the internet. WhatsApp and similar social media applications are the modes of transfer for voice messages. But what if we can use light to transfer sound directly to the ears of the person we want to send the message to?? Weird? Impossible? Well! It is none. Sound can now travel through the light. Transmission of sound via laser is the new reign.

How does this happen?

Researchers are using the water in the atmosphere to generate sound waves for transmission. This methodology is the photoacoustic effect. Photoacoustic effect is when a particular material absorbs light and produces corresponding sound.

To transmit audio messages the researchers sent a laser beam at the particular wavelength. The water in the atmosphere absorbs the laser beam. This water is then scanned at the speed of sound that will generate an audio signal of different frequencies.

Fixed distance delivery

The light transmitted audio messages can be heard without the help of any equipment. In addition to this, it can only be heard at a particular distance from the point of transmission. Meaning if someone comes in the way of transmission that person won’t hear a word of what is being transferred.

The technique can work at any place because every place on the surface of the earth (except for places where there is a vacuum) has the presence of some amount of water in it.

Current stage

The system is still in its initial stages and though a large number of applications are there they will need time to come to reality. The how’s what’s and how long’s of the system still needs a lot of improvement.

The current system transmits messages to a person at a distance of 2.5 meters at hardly 60 decibels. For starters, this is a really good start and a great accomplishment. But to deploy this technology for practical applications and commercial uses it needs to grow and advance.


The technique literally makes it possible to send messages that are intended only for a particular person. These messages cannot be altered or tapped. Basically, no one will know something is being transferred.

The most important application of this technique will be in the army. How convenient it would be to the soldiers to send and receive information about plans and dangers that are lurking around but cannot be seen?

Think of the times when the police literally had to shout to one another to change the positions. That was the worst give away. The technique will literally make things easy and won’t give away the information to someone not meant to receive. Just like performing a spell without saying it aloud. The one performing it knows, the one who is at the end of the wand know, the rest are unaware of anything happening around them.


Being in its starting stages the technology still has a long way to go. There was a need for this and we have the solution, now what is needed the most is making things better so that they can do the tasks they are imagined to perform. Light and sound have been two different entities all these years. Now they have come together to open new doors of research.   

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