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Uber Health: Uber’s new ride-sharing platform for healthcare


Uber Health is a platform where doctors can arrange a pickup ride for their patients. The main aim of this service is to make sure a safe transportation as it is specifically designed and made patient friendly. We have covered everything you need to know about Uber Health and its impact on social front exclusively in India, so let’s dive right into it.

Uber Health

How Does Uber Health Works?

  • There is a special Dashboard designed for scheduling rides for patients. Here the healthcare associate schedules future patient appointments or just demand a ride.
  • The patient is then contacted by Uber via text or call regarding detailed information of their pickup and drop-off locations and timings of when the driver will reach the pick-up destination.
  • Once the driver reaches the pick-up location, the patient is then picked up and dropped off on schedule. No other phone calls or follow-up is required from the side of Health associate regarding patient’s safe journey.

Uber Health

Cost efficiency Safety and privacy:

Uber Health makes sure about keeping patients information private while coordinating rides. It is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) Complaint technology solution which displays the full power of Uber Platform.

Healthcare Dashboard is specifically designed and optimized for maximum benefits when it comes to cost-cutting and efficiency. You can seamlessly schedule and even cancel rides on or off-time which makes it even better facility against other competitors like OLA/standard taxi services, etc.

Social Impact:

Uber Health is completely new Idea. Availability of Uber cabs (Check this link to know if Uber Health is in your city.) in India is increasing day by day. A standalone around the clock service to drop you to a hospital or clinic of your choice sounds really awesome. There are some remote locations where it takes about 30-40 minutes for an ambulance to reach and double the time till you get back to a hospital, now if there is an Uber Cab in your area then it can take you the hospital right away. There is also an emergency call for a ride where Uber Cab is guaranteed to reach on time (according to official sources this will be implemented in the near future very soon).

Uber Health is not just limited to riding patients but it is even for doctors. Hospital management can make sure by deploying an Uber Cab at Doctors home so that he/she can report to duty on time. This feature must be implemented in Government hospitals as there are many complaints regarding non-availability of a doctor.

    Uber Health

Uber Health benefits everyone:

Healthcare organizations are partnering with Cab services to provide patients with a reliable, comfortable way to get to their appointments. A recent case study is published by Uber where they describe their partnership with MedStar Health. Here MedStar Health mentioned a problem of patients not showing up after booking an appointment. The root cause of the no-shows and appointment cancellation is due to unavailability of transport as per their analysis report.

After trying out standard transportation services they partnered with Uber Health and got their drivers around under 10 minutes ETA (check out the detailed case study here.)


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